It was a night of similarities tonight with Jacob of Crumrine, Texas and McDoanld of Brunswick, Georgia – both former Women’s Professional Rodeo Association Rookies of the Year. Both ladies rode their main mounts: Jacob aboard Honor Thy Frenchman (“Bo”) and McDonald riding Fame Fling N Bling (“Bling”), and each have already won rounds aboard these horses at this year’s NFR. The similarities continue as each horse runs to the left barrel first and even share some  style characteristics in the way they work. Each team also experienced struggles with the ground. The difference tonight was while McDonald ran on top of the ground at draw No. 3, Jacob ran at draw No. 12.

LJS nfr 6 Sarah Rose McDonald2090webSarah Rose McDonald and Fame Fling N Bling tie for first in Round No. 6 of the Wrangler NFR.

McDonald flew into the arena aboard Bling and as the duo turned the first barrel Bling slipped, however, the great mare kept pushing as if she hadn’t had any trouble at all.

“Tonight she took off really hard in the alleyway I almost hit my leg and I thought “Oh man I got to get back in the center,’” McDonald said. “My horse had a little stumble on the first, but she seemed to just keep on going and not let it bother her too much. She tries very hard. When I felt her slip I just thought I needed to put an extra little kick in there. She just ran really hard out and I think she just has a lot of heart.”

Jacob and Bo fired on all pistons again tonight when they tied McDonald’s time of 13.91. They also shared a stumble on the first, but this one was quite a bit more noticeable as Bo nearly went down. Again these athletes recovered in amazing fashion.

“I haven’t actually seen my run yet, but if felt like he fell or stumbled pretty bad on the first,” Jacob said. “I’m not sure if it looked as bad as it felt, but for him to recover from almost falling down to splitting the win in the round is pretty amazing. If this had been a regular season rodeo I might not have pushed him quite as hard, but with this much money up you just can’t weaken.

“Bo doesn’t know the word quit,” Jacob continued. “He has a lot of heart. This was the performance I set the arena record in 2013 so repeating with the win tonight makes me very happy.”

McDonald is having a phenomenal showing in only her first trip to the NFR. McDonald has won money in every round except Round No. 1 and took home first place in Round No. 4. McDonald has earned $76, 365 in NFR earnings and is sitting at No. 2 in the world standings with only $26,017 away from the lead.

Ever since Jacob’s win in Round No. 3 the Crumrine, Texas cowgirl has also been riding with a vengeance and picking up checks along the way. She’s moved from ninth to fifth in the world standings and has earned $71,712 at the Finals.

LJS nfr 6 Taylor Jacob2108webTaylor Jacob and Honor Thy Frenchman recover from a near fall to tie for first in Round No. 6 of the NFR.

Both ladies are steadily climbing the ranks of the world standings, however neither one is paying much attention. Instead, they are solely focused on their individual gameplans.

“I haven’t looked (at the stanings), I don’t even watch the ground before I run I just focus on making my run. The plan isn’t going to change,” Jacob said. “I’m going for the round every night.”

            Lisa Lockhart and “Louie” (An Oakie With Cash) are still being consistent with fast times and earning paychecks. The duo from Oelrichs, South Dakota, claimed $15,654 from their third place time of 13.92 seconds. They are still leading the aggregate as well as the race for the world championship with only four rounds remaining. Fourth place in Round 6 went to Callie DuPerier and Rare Dillion with a 14.00. The Boerne, Texas team is holding strong to the third place position in both the aggregate and the world standings after tonight’s performance. Michele McLeod rode Slick By Design to another round paycheck, this time for fifth place for a 14.12-second run. The last money position was awarded to Fallon Taylor, Whitesboro, Texas, for her time of 14.17 aboard Flos Heiress.

Tonight was also Rookie night, where all the 2015 NFR Rookie contenders were recognized inside the Thomas and Mack Center and were presented with championship buckles. Among those rookies were barrel racers Jackie Ganter of Abilene, Texas and Vickie Carter of Richfield, Utah.

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Barrel Racing Results – Sixth Go Round:

1/2. Sarah Rose McDonald, 13.91, $23,481

1/2. Taylor Jacob, 13.93, $23,481

3. Lisa Lockhart, 13.92, $15,654

4. Callie DuPerier, $11,000

5. Michele McLeod, 14.12, $6,769

6. Fallon Taylor, 14.17, $4,231

7. Jackie Ganter, 14.18

8. Cassidy Kruse, 14.22

9. Jana Bean, 14.35

10. Nancy Hunter, 14.63

11. Mary Walker, 18.82

12. Carley Richardson, 19.03

13. Sherry Cervi, 19.11

14. Vickie Carter, 19.32

15. Deb Guelly, 19.45


1. Lisa Lockhart, 83.35 seconds on six

2. Cassidy Kruse, 83.80

3. Callie DuPerier, 84.23

4. Jackie Ganter, 84.99

5. Sarah Rose McDonald, 88.26

6. Fallon Taylor, 88.82

7. Michele McLeod, 89.60

8. Sherry Cervi, 90.00

9. Taylor Jacob, 93.18

10. Mary Walker, 94.21

11. Carley Richardson, 95.50

12. Vickie Carter, 95.93

13. Nancy Hunter, 99.42

14. Deb Guelly, 101.18

15. Jana Bean, 105.63

World Standings:

1. Lisa Lockhart, $246,982

2. Sarah Rose McDonald, $220,965

3. Callie DuPerier, $206,961

4. Cassidy Kruse, $163,269

5. Taylor Jacob, $162,220

6. Fallon Taylor, $155,848

7. Nancy Hunter, $138,416

8. Mary Walker, $135,758

9. Michele McLeod, $124,397

10. Sherry Cervi, $114,744

11. Carley Richardson, $101,147

12. Jackie Ganter, $87,780

13. Vickie Carter, $72,768

14. Jana Bean, $70,162

15. Deb Guelly, $69,769


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