“The run tonight, I got a little by the first, which I will work on in the morning in practice just walking, keeping him relaxed and thinking about my position. He was just really firing, really running and that’s what I want.”marywalker2forslider

Walker added that Latte tends to get better with each run. “What I want is to keep him relaxed and happy. If he gets a great start in the alley, that’s kind of his deal, he’s set up for a great run,” added Walker.

In another hard fought round, Benette Barrington Little and the great Jud Little owned stallion, JL Dash Ta Heaven, were hot on Walker’s heels with a time of 13.82 for second. NFR rookie and 2011 WPRA Rookie of the Year, Lee Ann Rust, and SS Streakers R Us (“Harley”) posted a time of 13.91 to split third and fourth place with defending WPRA World champion Lindsay Sears. WPRA World standings leader, Brittany Pozzi, Victoria, Texas, and her palomino powerhouse Yeah Im Firen (“Duke”) finished fifth with a 14.00 to pad her lead by another $4,712.

As the WPRA World standing begin to shuffle, Walker, who entered the Wrangler NFR ranked third, hold strong to second with $163,807. Pozzi ranks No. 1  with $186,568, while Lindsay Sears is third with $145,596.


Barrel Racing Results – 2ND Go Round:

  1. Mary Walker         13.80   $18,257.21
  2. Benette Barrington-Little             13.82   $14,429.09
  3. Lee Ann Rust        13.91   $9,275.84
  4. Lindsay Sears        13.91   $9,275.84
  5. Brittany Pozzi       14.00   $4,711.54
  6. Sherry Cervi          14.09   $2,944.71


WPRA World Championship Standings:

(Through 1st Go Round)

1. Brittany Pozzi                     Victoria, Texas                        $186,568

2. Mary Walker (G)                 Ennis, Texas                            $145,569

3. Lindsay Sears                      Nanton, Alberta                      $163,807

4. Carlee Pierce                       Stephenville, Texas                 $124,520

5. Sherry Cervi                        Marana, Arizona                     $96,006

6. Nikki Steffes                       Vale, South Dakota                $89,666

7. Kaley Bass                          Kissimmee, Florida                 $86,282

8. Benette Barrintgton-Little   Ardmore, Oklahoma              $82,823

9. Brenda Mays                       Terrebonne, Oregon                $81,799

10. Lee Ann Rust                    Stephenville, Texas                 $78,519

11. Kelli Tolbert                      Hooper, Utah                          $78,110

12. Lisa Lockhart                    Oelrichs, South Dakota           $72,461

13. Christina Richman            Glendora, California               $60,872

14. Trula Churchill                  Valentine, Nebraska               $60,777

15. Christy Loflin                   Franktown, Colorado              $59,563


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