On Tuesday evening, the SuperStakes Race returned to its original design in which all 3-year-olds entered made their competitive debut in the electric atmosphere of the Jim Norick Coliseum, gunning for the first place prize of $100,000. Mark Bugni, riding Bunt Kitchen’s 2009 mare I R A Grand Victory, made sure that check was written in slot owner Danny Ray’s name when he stopped the clock in 15.689 seconds. In Bugni’s recap of the run, the young horse never missed a beat in turning the first two barrels, looped the third a little bit, but came back and hauled butt home. Photo by Danika Kent

“It felt fantastic – very exhilarating,” he said of the run. I R A Grand Victory is by CEO out of Pure Victory Dash, a mare that won the 2008 BFA World Championships Futurity under the direction of Angie Grandpre and the 2012 Justin Boots Playoffs with Sydni Blanchard.

In 15.736 seconds, Jackie Jatzlau earned the second place check in the amount of $35,000 on Good To Be The King, by Bugemforcash out of Imanonstop Princess by Letta Hank Do It. Kelly Bowser crossed the timeline in 15.780 seconds aboard Evidence of Arson, by Dash Ta Diamonds out of Dash Of Vinilla by On the Dash, earning the third place check in the amount of $23,000.

Derby contestants got the first qualifying round under their belts after the SuperStakes, and Alessandra Anton’s 15.538 on VF Firin Red earned her a check worth $2,567 for topping the 1D. All Fame No Bull carried Pete Oen to second place with a time of 15.581. In accordance with the full second split, Nicole Kurty’s time of 16.576 aboard her stallion, Nexavar, put them at the top of the 2D, followed by Morgan Jones on Money Makin Jet with a 16.611.


Futurity First Go 1D:

  1. RLJ High Intedsity/Brett Monroe/Homer Beasley/15.207/$4,316
  2. Cartels Fame/Sharin Hall/Christian Chaney/15.297/$3,056
  3. Purrfect Choice/Louis Paradis/Louis Paradis/15.457/$2,094
  4. Jet O Red/Rebecca Ryan/Darrel Felts/15.494/$1,581
  5. Sparkling Ta Fame/Tara Timms/Tara Timms/15.577/$1,388
  6. JSYK IM Famous/Courtney Roberts/Courtney Roberts/15.606/$1,261
  7. Kan Count On Fame/Reann Zancanelia/Pride Farms/15.618/$1,175
  8. Shes Free To Flame/Savannah Reeves/Jan Boultinghouse and Savannah Reeves/15.624/$1,090
  9. Short Lane To Fame/PJ Burger/Ridgeview Farm/15.637/$983

10.  VF A Classy Design/Chris Martin/Darren and Kim Couch/15.643/$918

11.  Quick Money Star/Arianne Charbonneau/Arianne Charbonneau/15.645/$833

12.  Tkayleesblushingbug/Marne Loosenort/Donnie and Diane Reece/15.650/$769

13.  Miss JB 0842/Kassie Mowry/Joe and Dee Lynn Braman/15.654/$684

14.  LK Watch Me Rock/LeAnn Kay/LeAnn Kay and Amanda Kay/15.690/$642

15.  Famous Charm/Michelle Alley/Dave and Lori Zabel/15.694/$578


Futurity First Go 2D:

  1. Frenchmans Colours/Lorie Diodosio/Joe and Carla Spitz/16.207/$577
  2. Snipit/Blake Monroe/Darren Scholl/16.223/$566
  3. Sunfrosted Sahara/Bert Thompson/Bert Thompson/16.224/$561
  4. Dashing Dance/Sara Amerine/Sara Amerine/16.225/$555
  5. Burn Notice/Troy Crumrine/Michael Boone/16.233/$540
  6. Letta Madonna Do It/Haley Thorne/Haley Thorne/16.237/$534
  7. PT Nonstop Perks/Marne Loosenort/Danny Kingins/16.237/$523
  8. BF Streakinfrenchman/Carlos Renato/Crisiti B Koncz/16.261/$508
  9. Special Roco Fly/Marie Claude Bergeron/Marie Claude Bergeron/16.262/$4,974

10.  Flyin Frenchman/Lance Graves/Renaud Poulin/16.271/$481



  1. I R A Grand Victory/Mark Bugni/15.689/$100,000
  2. Good To Be The King/Jackie Jatzlau/15.736/$35,000
  3. Evidence Of Arson/Kelly Bowser/15.780/$23,000
  4. Angels On The Moon/Kebo Almond/15.802/$15,000
  5. UR One Famous Rebel/Jana Bean/15.936/$12,500
  6. Willies Famous Rocket/Stephanie Duke/16.003/$10,000
  7. Marthas Sixshooter/Jolene Montgomery/16.088/$7,500
  8. CEO Kinda Beautiful/Alona James/16.161/$6,500
  9. Famistar/Pete Oen/16.207/$5,500

10.  Famously French/Todd Holder/16.212/$5,000


Derby First Go 1D:

  1. VF Firin Red/Alessandra Anton/Andreas Anton/15.538/$2,567
  2. All Fame No Bull/Pete Oen/Pete Oen/15.581/$2,196
  3. Richard Carl/Shannon Tidwell/Donna Griffin/15.614/$1,835
  4. SA Baxter/Jana Bean/Rebecca Powers/15.633/$1,464
  5. Blitz Ta Fame/Ryann Pedone/Ryann Pedone/15.636/$1,103
  6. Carolina Fame/Tanner Shelton/David Eastwood/15.664/$852


Derby First Go 2D:

  1. Nexavar/Nicole Kurty/Nicole Kurty/16.576/$835
  2. Money Makin Jet/Morgan Jones/Kevin Jones/16.611/$697
  3. Sonyador Yankee/Jennifer Rocheleau/Martine Raby/16.640/$556
  4. Chesters Gucci Mane/Becky Canaday/Becky Canaday/16.670/$419



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