The competition was stiff with the winning time being a smoking 13.525 and last place being a 14.159. The top 30  barrel racers who advanced from the long round of the semifinals will battle it out once again in one of three rodeo performacnes over the weekend. After the short round of the semifinals is concluded only the top 10 barrel racers will punch their ticket to The American in Arlington, Texas, held Feb. 28. Here is a look at the top 30 barrel racers moving one step closer to a chance at a $1 million dollar paycheck.

13.531 Sabrina Ketcham
Sabrina Ketcham riding Easz Six took first place with a 13.531.
13.882 Darla Corff
Darla Corff riding Miss Angel Image to a 13.882.
13.922 Sierra Spratt
Sierra Spratt riding Te Excitement to a 13.922.
13.925 Jana Griemsman
Jana Griemsman and Chase It With Brandy with a 13.925.
13.938 Ashley Schafer
Ashley Schafer and Freckles Ta Fame with a 13.938.
13.951 Rylee Hardin
Rylee Hardin and Whisper Cowgirl with a 13.951.
13.959 Ivy ConradoIvy Conrado and CFour Tibbie Stinson with a 13.959. 13.959 Jessica DunbarJessica Dunbar and Make It Holland with a 13.959.13.964 Christine LaughlinChristine Laughlin and PC Frostin Rich with a 13.964.13.991 Kelsey LutjenKelsey Lutjen and TS Complete To Fly with a 13.991.13.999 Nicole LaurenceNicole Laurence and Shoeless Joe Biankus with a 13.999.14.018 Tayla MoeykensTayla Moeykens and Tell Um Dasher with a Ashley ConradAshley Conrad and Bugs Plum Alive with a Sharee StamperSharee Stamper and Bugs Dun It with a Kristen DarnellKristen Darnell and GoodFrenchmanFriday with a 14.037. 14.042 Jessie TelfordJessie Telford and Famous Cool Whip with a Jordon BriggsJordon Briggs and Roll With Ease with a 14.054. 14.055 Derek DiedrichDerek Diedrich and Special Chicado with a 14.055. 14.078 Rainy PrattRainy Pratt and Royally Fired with a Brooke RixBrooke Rix and Gypsy Hat Oh Fame with a 14.089. 14.100 Ashley SchaferAshley Schafer and KR Last Fling with a 14.100. 14.108 Rachael MyllymakiRachael Myllymaki and Poppys Power Play with a 14.108. 14.113 McKenzie MorganMcKenzie Morgan and In Firewaters Honor with a 14.113. 14.131 Dustin AngelleDustin Angelle and Cats Got Your Cash with a 14.131. 14.131 Jackie JatzlauJackie Jatzlau and Imanonstop Fame with a 14.131. 14.134 Mary SmothersMary Smothers and Six Moon Firewater with a 14.134. 14.144 Anna AllshouseAnna Allshouse and Genuine Diamond Dun with a 14.144. 14.148 Rylee DickRylee Dick and Designing Scooter with a 14.148. 14.150 Kelli BarichelloKelli Barichello and Dats Last Frenchman with a 14.150. 14.159 Lynette BrodowayLynette Brodoway and SR Root Sixty Six with a 14.159.





















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