Article and results provided courtesty of Darleen Swanson Memorial Barrel Race.

Martee Pruett and Hurricane had a blistering fast run of 14.291 to win the Open 4D  and set a new arena record.  Not to be out done the Youth ran fast times with Kendra Mitchell coming out on top with a time of 15.490 to win the 1D and a beautiful halter made by Teague Crane. 

Thanks to our wonderful sponsors, Jacobson Law Office, Douglas Day Spa, The Wrangler, Horse and Rodeo News, Troy and Heidi Tillard, Heather LeClair, Fetterman Ranch, Mort and Cindy Tillman, Moss Boots Saddles and Tack, Points West Bank and Robert Mitchell, bronc halters made by Teague Crane were given to the winners of each division in the Open and Youth as well as prizes to 5th place.  Each PeeWee competitor also received a prize, the winner of the PeeWee, Halle Crozier, won a bronc halter made by Teague Crane.


Open 4D:

1. Martee Pruett 14.291

2. Jonee Crozier 14.623

3. Carla Weiser 14.684

4. Michaella Lay 14.690


1. Jody Fields 14.810

2. Kelly Adamson 14.857

3. Kaille Koltiska 14.868

4. Dani Hanzlik 14.871

5. Becky Berggen 14.911


1. Heather Lake 15.362

2. Kelly Adamson 15.375

3. Danyell Mandel 15.413

4. Kendra Mitchell 15.492


1. Jane Jeffries-Orn 16.342

2. Nikki Davis 16.349

3. Rachel Martin 16.389

4. Dori Frittz 16.492

5. Stephanie Ferguson 16.589

Youth 3D

1. Kendra Mitchell 15.490

2. Kylie Hoffer 15.697

3. Sydney Dewitt 15.881

4. Brianna Fryman 15.956

5. Jade-a Graves 16.061


1. Brianna Fryman 16.676



1. Jessie Graves 19.122

peewee2016Pee Wee winners. Photo courtesy Darleen Swanson Memorial Barrel Race


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