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It’s not only the barrel racing young guns who have grit. The barrel racers at the 2nd Annual Senior World Championships Barrel Race showed the younger generation they still have what it takes to be a fierce competitor. Over the weekend of March 23-25, 2017, the 50 & Older contestants pulled their trucks and horse trailers into Texarkana, Arkansas, to not only to win, but to have fun as well. Over the weekend the Senior World Championships Barrel Race pulled in over 500 entries paying out over $80,000 to contestants along with many other prizes. 

Joy Cameron aboard her home-grown gelding, This Guy Rocks FF, claimed the 1D champion position with a running time of a 14.786 during the finals taking home $2,166 along with a saddle and more prizes. Cameron had many compliments of the show outside of her winning run, but what made the event special were the memories she made in the process.  

“Everything about the event was great.” Cameron said, “the ground was great, the staff was great, and everyone came there to do their best and have fun. Every person running came in to win and just have fun while doing it.” 

Cameron’s 8-year-old gelding pulled through in a big way showing his big heart in Texarkana. This Guy Rocks FF struggled with allergies over the weekend, however with some help from Cameron he was able to be treated properly and pull through the weekend in top form.

“By the third day he was feeling much better and just went into his run and got it done,” Cameron said. “He makes it easy and loves to do his job.” 

Cameron says her mount is normally more nervous in their first run, but after that becomes comfortable in the pen. 

1D JoyCameronJoy Cameron. Photo by Kevin Goodman

“He just loves to go in there and work for me. attribution goes here. He makes things fun and easy.”

Another one of the average winners who had a great time over the weekend was Katrina Hollifield. Hollifield says the weekend was a fun-filled weekend with great people to be around, contestants as well as the event staff. 

“I had such a great time I plan on coming back every year,” Hollifield said. 

Hollified wasn’t planning to go to the event this year, because she intended to take both of her children to youth rodeos. However, when her boyfriend stepped up and offered to haul her kids to the youth rodeo, Hollifield was open to make the trip to Texarkana. 

The weekend only marked the second time Hollifield has competed on her mare, Mach Peaches Sunday. The duo became partners quickly after a friend offered the mare to her when Hollifield’s main mare unexpectedly died. 

Despite the little rain that Texarkana, Arkansas, received the Senior World Championships in Texarkana, according to the contestants, as a whole “was a great event.” Throughout the weekend everyone cheered each other on and kept the spirits positive. 

Shelby McCamey is a senior at Tarleton State University and avid barrel racer. Emaill comments on this article to [email protected]


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