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Central Texas heat didn’t stop barrel racers from gathering at the Waco, Texas, Extraco Events Center for the National Barrel Horse Association Texas State Show. Held June 26-28, the event drew competitors from around the state that had competed in at least three approved shows. Prizes included $10,500 added, saddles, buckles and other prizes for the winners of Open, Youth and Senior competition. Rider competed in two rounds of preliminaries before competing in finals competition.

Dashin Tarahumara races to Open 1D title Valinda Moore and Dashin TarahumaraValinda Moore and Dashin Tarahumara

14-year-old Quarter Horse gelding Dashin Tarahumara lived up to his name at the Texas State Championship show, winning the Open 1D race on Friday night and clinching the finals Sunday. His owner Valinda Moore of Rendon, Texas, was pleasantly surprised by his performances.

“I didn’t expect a lot, because Dash typically doesn’t like hard or firm ground,” Moore said. “He likes it kind of fluffy and cushy. I’d already run one horse and I knew that the ground was great, but for him, he’s very particular about the ground he likes to run on. He’s kind of a diva that way.”

Despite the ground and a grumpy demeanor earlier in the day, “Dash” took his turns like a champ, clocking a 16.006 on Friday.

“Knowing the ground was not going to be to his liking, I just went in not expecting much,” Moore said. “ I just wanted him to go in and try, and make a nice run. When we came out that first day and heard our time, I was just pretty much stunned. I had no idea what happened. He just fired and that ground didn’t stop him at all.”

Going into the Sunday race, Moore’s main goal was making it into the 15-second range. Dash was of the same mind, clocking a 15.912.

“He is kind of a squat and rollback style horse, so if I don’t get him past the barrel far enough, he rolls back on top of it,” Moore said. “He’s real powerful like that. He went in there, worked good and we hit the ground good at every barrel. We got to our spots exactly where we needed to be. He came back and ran a 15.9, which was just really exciting for me, that he went in and worked that good.”

Moore has had Dash since he was 3. She bought him off the track at Lone Star Park. One of Dashin Tarahumara’s previous owners lived in Mexico and grew up around the Tarahumara, a Native American tribe known for being fast runners.

“He always thought someday he wanted to have a racehorse that could run as fast as a Tarahumara,” Moore said. “That’s how the horse got his name, Dashin Tarahumara.”

Moore plans to continue racing with Dash as long as he enjoys it.

“He’s been really good to me,” Moore said. “He’s a good guy, and I would take a dozen like him. When I get on him, it’s like putting on a pair of old house shoes. I know him, he knows me and there’s not a lot of thinking. It’s all automatic. Which is nice, I can kind of relax and enjoy the ride. He’s a neat horse.”

She also plans to return to the Texas State Championship Show.

“I love the Waco facility, and I like the format of their show and their races,” Moore said. “I like to do the big jackpots.”

Terry Vogel makes her Texas State Championship debut by winning Senior 1D with BB Booging Frenchman Terry Vogel and BB Boogie FrenchmanTerry Vogel and BB Booging Frenchman

Though Terry Vogel has been barrel racing for years, the Gainesville, Texas, resident had never competed at the Texas State Championship before. She brought three horses, but it was “Boogie,” BB Booging Frenchman, that carried her to a first place finish in the Senior 1D finals. The brown 7-year-old Quarter Horse gelding clocked a 16.235 to earn the win, prizes and $393. Vogel was pleasantly surprised.

“I had a really good run, so I felt really good about it,” Vogel said. “It seems like every year you get older and you think you can’t do it, but I see other people doing it that are older than me and they’re amazing.”

Owned by Vogel since he was three, Boogie had a great futurity year, but a bout with colic left him recovering from several surgeries for more than a year. Vogel also had to overcome injuries. This year is the first year back for both of them.

“I thought I wasn’t going to barrel race anymore because it was sad [with Boogie being hurt],” Vogel said. “Then one of my friends told me I act like I just decided like I’m going to ride like an old lady. I needed to kick it up a notch. I took his advice, and thought I’m going to try a little bit harder. And it worked.”

Boogie is a unique horse, says Vogel. She loves him for his interesting mannerisms.

“I just think he’s the coolest horse,” Vogel said. “He’s so talented, but he’s got a real quirky personality. Everybody always talks about him because he bites and he’ll grab my pants and pick me up. He’s got quite a bit of personality. It’s not all good, but it makes him different than the other horses in my mind. And he’s absolutely gorgeous. He’s a real big, well put together horse.”

At the show, Vogel threw caution to the wind and decided to outfit Boogie in a mild snaffle, to encourage him to push himself. She was happy with his response.

“I said this is either going to be really bad or really good,” Vogel said. “I ran him in almost no bridle, just a snaffle. He wants to work, he just wants to run. I thought I would just let him think he’s playing and not have any bridle on. And it worked.”

Vogel and her husband, Lee, enjoy barrel racing as way to relax together away from their jobs. Both of them competed at the Texas State Championship show and had a great time.

“I haven’t ever been to that show before, and I didn’t know a lot of those people very well yet, but we went out to dinner with everyone in our district and it was really fun just getting to know people and having a little bit of enjoyment with everyone,” Vogel said. “There’s a lot of good restaurants in Waco and the people are really fun. We’ve had a really good experience. The show was very well run. Right on time, you knew what was going to happen. We really enjoyed it.”

Macee Steigleder races On The Red Penny to take the Youth 1D title Macee Steigleder and On The Red PennyMacee Steigleder and On The Red Penny

You could say Macee Steigleder and her sorrel 17-year-old mare On The Red Penny have a special relationship. Paired for nearly two years, the 13-year old and “Penny” have a great partnership, built on communication and cookies.

“Before I run barrels, I’ll walk Penny when I’m on her and I’ll just talk to her,” Macee said. “I’m really close to her. I’d almost say she’s my best friend. And no matter when we have our downs and our ups, I still give her cookies.”

When the duo took home the Youth 1D championship title with a time of 16.245, pocketing prizes and $493, Penny got her end of the bargain.

“It feels amazing,” Macee said. “I was very excited. I was jumping up and down. I had my fingers crossed. And when I won, I went and gave Penny more cookies.”

Macee says she and Penny were anxious leading up to the competition, but after the first run, they got the hang of the arena and just got better and better.

“It was very fun,” Macee said. “It was very nerve wracking. Every run I made, I was nervous out of excitement. Wanting to do my best. You could tell Penny was too. She was jumping around, ready to go.”

When she’s not riding, Macee likes to play basketball, swim, and go hunting and fishing. She plans to continue racing with her partner Penny as long as possible.

“I hope we just keep doing really good,” Macee said of future plans. “I hope we stay together and that she keeps giving me her all. I’ll do the same back.”

Box: At-A-Glance

Texas NBHA State Finals

Where: Extraco Events Center, Waco, Texas

When: June 26-28


Open: 1D) Dashin Tarahumara, Valinda Moore, 15.912, $724; 2) Thunder Stones, Hailey Kinsel, 16.186, $543; 3) Famous Dr John, Valinda Moore, 16.205, $452; 2D: 1) KN Fabulous Breeze, Amye Craig, 16.426, $627; 2) VF Kissmewhenimdown, Kim Partain, 16.437, $470; 3) On The Red Penny, Macee Steigleder, 16.460, $392; 3D: 1) Malibu Star, Ellie Mize, 16.922, $530; 2) Skipper, Korigan Swanson, 16.952, $398; 3) Blazie, Sandy Rogers, 16.974, $332; 4D: 1) Hellzafire, Tassie Munroe, 17.436, $434; 2) Global Hope, Debbie Watson, 17.438, $325; 3) Ranger, Londyn Baker, 17.445, $271; 5D: 1) and 2) Abby, Janice Bowman, 18.012, $295; 1) and 2) Ziggy, Sydney Carter, 18.012, $295; 3) Bionic Missed A Spot, Lydia Farrar, 18.027, $211.

Senior: 1D: Terry Vogel, BB Booging Frenchman, 16.235, $393; 2) Amye Craig, KN Fabulous Lady Luck, 16.460, $294; 3) Jo Scamardo, JJ Bar Jet, 16.491, $196; 2D: Lessa Walenmaier, HG Yovell Cartel, 16.830, $358; 2) Kathleen Partain, VF Isawhimstreak, 16.849, $268; 3) Naomi Smith, Funky Dee, 16.875, $179; 3D: 1) Jo Ann Jones, Watch Joe Smoke, 17.269, $289; 2) Debbie Watson, Global Hope, 17.447, $216; 3) Terry Vogel, Rare Shake CEO, 17.347, $144; 4D: 1) Ginger Epperson, DTF Raise A Red Flag, 18.319, $254; 2) Wendy Ellingon, Cash, 18.731, $190; 3) Karen Ray, Bay Note Olena, 19.540, $127.

Youth: 1D: 1) Macee Steigleder, On The Red Penny, 16.245, $493; 2) Loree Dello, Give Me Glory, 16.279, $411; 3) Allison Walinder, Eight’s Special, 16.406, $329; 2D: 1) Anna Winn, Flicka, 16.764, $439; 2) Madelin Castro, SX Bulldacious, 16.776, $365; Sydney Araujo, Missy Warrios, 16.809, $292; 3D: 1) Autumn Woodruff, Hot Frenchman, 17.307, $330; 2) Kasey Moran, Candy, 17.309, $275; 3) Emma Nelson, Roany Pony, 17.316, $220; 4D: 1) Tara Jo Segovia, TJ’s Blondie Girl, 18.374, $276; 2) Tara Jo Segovia, Black Betty, 18.381, $230; 3) Brittany Doty, Poco Palladon Cody, 18.520, $184


















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