2012 BFA Futurity Top 10 Amateur Short Go Draw:
1. Okey Separation/Kinsley Swepston/Kinsley Swepston/16.183
2. BB Boogyingfrenchman/Terry Vogel/Lee Alan and Terry Vogel/16.140
3. Famous Sophie/Claire Powell/Claire Powell/16.004
4. Special Roco Fly/Marie Claude Bergeron/Marie Claude Bergeron/16.262
5. Harley Chick/Darren Couch/Darren and Kim Couch/16.300
6. Nita Ya Money/Davie Marie King/Davie Marie King/16.103
7. Katerina/Debbie McCormick/Debbie McCormick/16.176
8. Livfierynflithappens/Heather Castle/Heather Castle/16.153
9. Bit Of Flame An Fire/Maggie Upton/Maggie Upton/16.046
10. Playboys Blue Boon/Samantha Hebert/Samantha and Budge Hebert/16.143

2012 BFA Futurity Top 50 Finalist Draw:
1. LLP Easy Azure/Kelley Fritchey/Kelly Fritchey/15.822
2. Its Complicated/Amy Schimke/Julie Crews/15.661
3. Epic Leader/Kassie Mowry/Kassie Mowry and Karma Loftin/15.034
4. Bobbie Gene/Latricia Duke/Schiller Ranch/15.585
5. Quick Money Star/Arianne Charbonneau/Arianne Charbonneau/15.645
6. SFW Frost Ta Fame/Pete Oen/Pete Oen/15.571
7. Cool Ta Fame/Amy Laymon/Harry LaToush/15.591
8. Smashing Ta Fame/Troy Crumrine/James “Scoop” O’Connor/15.576
9. Cartels Fame/Sharin Hall/Christian Chaney/15.297
10. Sheza Frenchman Guy/Danyelle Campbell/Kyle and Kris Gadbois/15.724
11. I Know I Can 2/PJ Burger/Veale Ranches LLC/15.540
12. KN Fabs Mist Of Fame/Jolene Montgomery/Robin Weaver/15.442
13. Natives Oakie Rose/Add Waddell/Dianne B Hay/15.649
14. Im So Sharp/Curt Hagey/Curt Hagey/15.786
15. Sparkling Ta Fame/Tara Timms/Tara Timms/15.577
16. Sheza French Cash/Janae Massey/Jud Little/15.619
17. Hip E/Shae Franklin/Bo Hill and/or Jeff Switzer/15.842
18. Shes Free To Flame/Savannah Reeves/Jan Boultinghouse and Savannah Reeves/15.624
19. Miss JB 0842/Kassie Mowry/Joe and Dee Lynn Braman/15.295
20. Tkayleesblushingbug/Marne Loosenort/Donnie and Diane Reece/15.650
21. SV Pass Em Fire/Emile Veillette/Sophie Longpre/15.583
22. Short Lane To Fame/PJ Burger/Ridgeview Farm/15.637
23. Purrfect Choice/Louis Paradis/Louis Paradis/15.457
24. The Riverboat Gambler/Talmadge Green/Sumrall and Green/15.378
25. Ainteasybeingfamous/Randa Kellogg/RSL Enterprises/15.850
26. Kan Count On Fame/Reann Zancanella/Pride Farms/15.618
27. VF A Classy Design/Pete Oen/Darren and Kim Couch/15.643
28. The Country Corona/Leslie Willis/Leslie and Jason Willis/15.881
29. No Memories Aloud/Peggy Hall/Sissy Novak/15.799
30. River Woods/Cassie Ward/Youree-Ward Barrel Horses/15.798
31. JSYK IM Famous/Courtney Roberts/Courtney Roberts/15.606
32. Guys Smashinly Yours/Jordon Briggs/Jordon Briggs/15.836
33. Jet O Red/Nicole Love/Darrel Felts/15.494
34. Master The Wagon/Colette Flaharty/Colette and Troy Flaharty/15.736
35. Costly Crystal/Troy Crumrine/Matt and Bendi Dunn/15.664
36. Just My Choice/Molly Childers/Molly and Jason Childers/15.398
37. RLJ High Intedsity/Brett Monroe/Homer Beasley/15.207
38. Kellies Chick/Cody Hyde/Kelly Conrado/15.788
39. LK Watch Me Rock/Latricia Duke/LeAnn Kay and Amanda Kay/15.690
40. Holland Guy/Ryann Pedone/Ryann Pedone/15.812
41. Famous Pawn Star/Danyelle Campbell/Shelly Mull/15.868
42. Uknounvme/Brian Wheeler/Stephanie Wheeler/15.776
43. LS Corona Winsalot/Jolene Montgomery/Kennedy’s Passion/15.563
44. Spade Remedy/Ryan Ivy/Joan Morgan/15.739
45. Famous Charm/Michelle Alley/Dave and Lori Zabel/15.694
46. Power Fame/Pete Oen/Pete Oen/15.770
47. Dashing French Lady/Valerie Watson/Connie and Bruce Vansickle/15.780
48. Miss JB 0820/Kassie Mowry/Joe and Dee Lynn Braman/15.753
49. Three And Out/Amy Schimke/Amy Schimke/15.838
50. Famous Hank/Jolyane Gagnon-Vallee’/Dawn and Bill Superneau/15.875

2012 BFA Derby Top 5 Amateur Short Go Draw:
1. BB French Fooledya/Cindy Smack/15.923
2. Perkslivingthedream/Joni McKim/16.075
3. Playboys Turbo Diesel/Amanda Clark/15.914
4. Seis So Sweet/Valerie Watson/15.811
5. Confederate Pepper/Shannon Stevenson/16.078

2012 BFA Derby Top 20 Finalist Draw:
1. Panamas Fast As U/Brandon Cullins/15.627
2. Carolina Fame/Tanner Shelton/15.664
3. Blitz Ta Fame/Ryann Pedone/15.636
4. Danita Design/Peyton Glenn/15.349
5. Shake It Frenchie/Jordon Briggs/15.631
6. French Streaktovegas/Hallie Melvin/15.560
7. Miss Gold Promise/Stormi Henry/15.666
8. Regal He Is/Lauren Crivier/15.669
9. Missjbrunningwithfire/Kassie Mowry/15.506
10. Flits Flyin Flight/Kebo Almond/15.691
11. VF Fames Lil Red/Darla Taylor/15.608
12. Dazzling Doris/Nicole Kurty/15.614
13. VF Firin Red/Alessandra Anton/15.538
14. Mercy N Grace/Loni Kay Lester/15.682
15. Richard Carl/Shannon Tidwell/15.614
16. Kiss This Guy/Ryann Pedone/15.583
17. All Fame No Bull/Pete Oen/15.581
18. Susie Has A Penny/Sidney Lee Foorest/15.657
19. Fortune N Fame/Lance Graves/15.549
20. SA Baxter/Jana Bean/15.633


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