To say the juvenile race was fast and furious would be an understatement, and when Mowry entered the alleyway on Lori and Dave Zabel’s My Guy Can Fly, her intentions were nothing less than that.

Her strategy to make a winning run on a 3-year-old that she describes as “incredibly spooky” and afraid of both banners and barrels?

“My plan when I went in there was to just go so fast he couldn’t see anything else but barrels. It worked!” she said.

The 15.480 that showed on the clock was more than enough to take the lead in the class where the pace had previously been set by Jolene Montgomery with a 15.636 on Marthas Sixshooter (Montgomery also finished seventh in Tuesday’s SuperStakes with a 16.088 on the horse owned by Nancy and James Baldwin). Montgomery would be bumped once more before the end of the race by Kristi Johnson on Joseph Forte’s Dee Dee Little Man, who ended up in second place with a 15.480.

In 2011, Mowry posted the fastest time of the juvenile race on a horse she owns with Karma Loftin, a chrome stallion known as Epic Leader. On Tuesday, Mowry and Epic tentatively qualified for the Saturday’s futurity finals with a time of 15.704, just one hole out of the payout. Epic Leader

“It was a nice run, a qualifying run, but nothing spectacular,” Mowry said. “So on the second day I just jazzed him up a little bit, whipped him on the butt before I went in the alleyway, and got more aggressive on him. He went in there and totally showed off.”

The result was a 15.034, unofficially a new BFA futurity record. It was worth $4,316, monetarily-speaking, but so much more in the name of the dream Mowry shared with Karma Loftin that became tangible when the Firewater Fiesta/Confederate Leader cross hit the ground four years ago. Today, Epic’s lifetime earnings are approximately $140,000.

The fastest 50 futurity horses will run on Saturday evening, Dec. 8, preceded by the futurity amateur short go and followed by the derby amateur short go and derby finals.

Open First Go 1D:
1. Sonitas Pistolero/Jennifer Barron/15.357/$1,948
2. VF Firin Red/Alessandra Anton/15.371/$1,538
3. Bug Ya For Moolah/Christina Dusendang/15.498/$1,231
4. Guys Voodo Bug/Monica McClung/15.540/$1,025
5. Doda Flit/Carley Richardson/15.575/$923
6. Bully By Design/Clint Sherlin/15.598/$820
7. Firewaters Pistol/Darby Duncan/15.633/$718
8. Hoosier Farm/Kebo Almond/15.643/$615
9. Lindas Sunset/Mattie Little-Jackson/15.663/$513
10. JL Treasured Smash/Kim Couch/15.711/$410
11. Go Man of Honor/Tiany Schuster/15.759/$308
12. Playboys Turbo Diesel/Amanda Clark/15.761/$205


Open First Go 2D:
1. Hook Em Jones/Caitlin Rankin/15.874/$1,670
2. Nexavar/Nicole Kurty/15.875/$1,318
3. Heza Copy Cat/Kelly Allen/15.886/$1,055
4. Cash N Fame/Kylie Ward/15.896/$879
5. Credit To Fiesta/Kara Large/15.899/$791
6. Dazzling Doris/Nicole Kurty/15.905/$703
7. Waves/Mary Carter/15.913/$615
8. Frenchmans Fever/Wendy Platts/15.926/$527
9. Streakin Reba/Kyra Stierwalt/15.939/$439
10. Jessie James Stover/JR Sullivan/15.944/$352
11/12. WK Frenchmans Mocha/Luke Robinson/15.955/$220
11/12. KN Docs Gray Gold/Whitney Baker/15.955/$220

Open First Go 3D:
1. A Jazzed Up Deal/Jennifer Barron/16.360/$1,113
2. Dunit Kat Cody/Tonia Greenless/16.367/$879
3. BW Tees Dasher/JR Sullivan/16.369/$703
4. Jens KY Jet/Morgan Jones/16.371/$586
5. Freshly Packed/Crystal Glidden/16.383/$527
6. Cruise N Crash/Janet Hulsey/16.403/$469
7. Royal Compromises/Nicki Cain/16.419/$410
8. Got Fuel/Christie Gilkey/16.440/$352
9. Buds To You/Jax Johnson/16.450/$293
10. Royally Magnificant/Watkins Rye/16.457/$234
11. My Smart Lil Cowboy/Ronda Lunsford/16.458/$176
12. Cause Heza Bully/Kebo Almond/16.465/$117

Open First Go 4D:
1. Double Up Jessie/Valerie Ford/16.857/$835
2. Hutts Ginger Snap/Boomer Pierce/16.864/$659
3. True Sugar Baby/Chelsi Wilson/16.867/$527
4. Born to Fame/Paul Humphrey/16.895/$439
5. BF Dun Itonthemoney/Tonia Greenless/16.963/$395
6. PHfirewaterspayday/Paul Humphrey/17.019/$352
7. Swingin KC King/Valerie Ford/17.028/$308
8. JM I Got Faith/Debbie Rabb/17.047/$264
9. Feet For The Dash/Debbie McCormick/17.052/$219
10. Gibors Royal Prince/Jennifer Baker/17.070/$176
11. Docs Texas Rhythm/Theresa Wallis/17.073/$132
12. VF Firen Design/Angela Clark/17.086/$88

Juvenile First Go 1D:
1. My Guy Can Fly/Kassie Mowry/Dave and Lori Zabel/15.480/$6,837
2. Dee Dee Little Man/Kristi Johnson/Joseph Forte/15.592/$4,840
3. Marthas Sixshooter/Jolene Montgomery/Nancy and James Baldwin/15.636/$3,317
4. Toast Ta Hollywood B/Kristin Weaver-Brown/Shoppa Ranch, LLC/15.650/$2,504
5. Small Memories/Pete Oen/Shannyka Sylvestre/15.654/$2,200
6. Angels on the Moon/Kebo Almond/Michael Boone/15.686/$1,997
7. CP Konea/Vauna Walker/Sheila Hill/15.756/$1,861
8. Paint De Coupe/Holly Wilson/Holly Wilson/15.837/$1,726
9. Rose Rare/Lance Graves/Guy Rodrigues Peixoto Jr./15.847/$1,557
10. Leaving Hot Memories/Craig Brooks/Jordan Manley/15.860/$1,455
11. VF Takin The Flame/Marne Loosenort/Danny Kingins/15.916/$1,320
12. Buggin Me Baby/Cassie Ward/Jud Little/15.938/$1,218
13. Little Eddie Stinson/Kenny Hodges/Kenny and Toni Hodges/15.984/$1,083
14. Right Round/Kebo Almond/Cathi Jones/15.990/$1,015
15. Fame Came Quick/Kebo Almond/FC Ranch/15.996/$914

Juvenile First Go 2D:
1. Famous N Lucky/Brenda Whatley/Ellis and Stacye Erwin/16.481/$851
2. PC Frank James/Jim Warner/Jim and Stacy Warner/16.487/$767
3. Drmoney/Jimmy Bryant/Jimmy Bryant/16.495/$729
4/5.U Cant See Me/Haley Thorne/Haley Thorne/16.497/$671
4/5. Justa Famous Blurr/Toni Horkley/T & T Barrel Horses/16.497/$671
6. Wicked JJ/Danyelle Campbell/Joely Williamson/16.498/$606
7/8. Ima Sharpdancinjudge/David Skimehorn/Sheila Ricketts/16.499/$557
7/8. My Famous Fantasy/Danyelle Campbell/Danyelle Campbell/16.499/$557
9. Credit Ta Fame/Brett Monroe/Caryn Henry/16.527/$528
10. Big Lumber Jack/Michelle Alley/Michelle Alley/16.530/$509

Futurity Second Go 1D:
1. Epic Leader/Kassie Mowry/Kassie Mowry and Karma Loftin/15.034/$4,316
2. Miss JB 0842/Kassie Mowry/Joe and Dee Lynn Braman/15.295/$3,056
3. The Riverboat Gambler/Talmadge Green/Sumrall and Green/15.378/$2,094
4. Just My Choice/Molly Childers/Molly and Jason Childers/15.398/$1,581
5. KN Fabs Mist Of Fame/Jolene Montgomery/Robin Weaver/15.442/$1,388
6. I Know I Can 2/PJ Burger/Veale Ranches LLC/15.540/$1,261
7. LS Corona Winsalot/Jolene Montgomery/Kennedy’s Passion/15.563/$1,175
8. SFW Frost Ta Fame/Pete Oen/Pete Oen/15.571/$1,090
9. Smashing Ta Fame/Troy Crumrine/James “Scoop” O’Connor/15.576/$983
10. SV Pass Em Fire/Emile Veillete/Sophie Longpre/15.583/$918
11. Bobbie Gene/Latricia Duke/Schiller Ranch/15.585/$833
12. Cool Ta Fame/Amy Laymon/Harry LaToush/15.591/$769
13. Purrfect Choice/Louis Paradis/Louis Paradis/15.609/$684
14. Sheza French Cash/Janae Massey/Jud Little/15.619/$642
15. Natives Oakie Rose/Add Waddell/Dianne B Hay/15.649/$578

Futurity Second Go 2D:
1/2. Insane For Fame/Latricia Duke/Schiller Ranch/16.040/$572
1/2. Attracted To Style/Brent Schmidt/Kyle Schmidt/16.040/$572
3. Bit Of Flame An Fire/Maggie Upton/Maggie Upton/16.046/$561
4. Lwfrenchmansredmoon/Boo Flournoy/Charlie Underbrink/16.048/$555
5. Le Jane/Kim Slemp/Kim Slemp/16.062/$540
6. LLP Bella Belara/Randy Jarvis/Laurie Phillips/16.079/$534
7. MS Blazen Bug/Lanita Peirce/Mary Watkins/16.080/$523
8. Outlaw Brave/Emma Chapman/Arbie and Betty Miller/16.087/$508
9. VF Bright N Famous/Chip Wallis/Debra and Jeff Glidden/16.096/$497
10. Famous Little Jet/Kay Young/Sally Preston/16.098/$481

Derby Second Go 1D:
1. Danita Design/Peyton Glenn/Charles and Nita Brock/15.349/$2,567
2. Missjbrunningwithfire/Kassie Mowry/Joe and Dee Lynn Braman/15.506/$2,196
3. VF Firin Red/Alessandra Anton/Andreas Anton/15.545/$1,835
4. Fortune N Fame/Lance Graves/Mary Beth Ogle/15.549/$1,464
5. French Streaktovegas/Hallie Melvin/Echeta Performance Horses/15.560/$1,103
6. Kiss This Guy/Ryann Pedone/Carlee Pierce/15.583/$852

Derby Second Go 2D:
1. PC Frenchmans Cash/Joan Clement/Joan Clement/16.355/$835
2. Life Takes Visa/Janae Ward-Massey/Jud Little/16.357/$697
3. Go Wilma Dash/Add Waddell/Elizabeth and Mike Hays/16.358/$556
4. Frenchmans Memory/Peyton Glenn/Charles and Nita Brock/16.391/$419


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