Lisa Lockhart explains and demonstrates her approach to the first barrel.


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  1. Shayla Nicole Hearndon Reply

    Hi! I am Shayla hearndon some how some way I do believe that this letter will get to mrs.Lisa. I just got a new horse smoke in July of 2015 and one day I would love to get a lesson from mrs.lisa. I have been training my horse all by myself because a trainer to help me is very expensive and I’m always trying to watch videos of you because they help me. I have a horse trailer but I can’t afford a tag for it so I have no way to get to horse shows and I am always riding at my house because that’s the only place I can ride. I am trying to sell my trailer to get money so I can have my horse at my house and keep him and when my mom gets home we can mabye get a new trailer. My mom was in prison for 3 years and I was living with my dad and it was very hard. But I would always search for mrs.lisa to see if she was any where near me or I’ve always tried to win tickets for the nfr just to come meet her and I have failed. But when I fail it doesn’t stop me I am always watching mrs.lisa to be like her. To being how creative and free she is. One day I am going to meet her and will not give up on trying and some how I hope she will read this
    Thank you Shayla!

  2. Well Shayla,
    Sounds to me like you are doing everything you can do to train your horse. Just keep trying and learning and one day all of it will pay off for you. Dont give up on your dream.

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