Watch these five drills to fix problems and better your horsemanship.

Helping A Horse That’s Stiffer on One Side with Brandon Cullins

Brandon Cullins
Brandon Cullins. Photo by Kailey Sullins

Ashley Schafer’s Drill for Riding the Hindquarters

Ashley Schafer
Ashley Schafer. Photo by Kailey Sullins

Fence Work with Ivy Hurst

Ivy Hurst standing next to horse
Ivy Hurst. Photo by Kailey Sullins

Ashley Schafer’s Points on the Pattern

Ashley Schafer stopping and rating
Ashley Schafer. BHN file photo

Joy Wargo’s Horse Body Position

Joy Wargo. Photo by Abigail Boatwright

Kailey Sullins is editor of Barrel Horse News, and an avid barrel racer and breakaway roper. Email comments or questions to [email protected]

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  1. this helps me and my horse a lot and I have gotten my horse from a 16 to a 15.2

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