Compiled by Kathryn Barkey

Our equine partners work hard to please us, but like any athlete, if they don’t feel 100 percent, they cannot give us 100 percent. Maintaining your horse’s health and comfort is a sure way to keep them working and performing their best. The Health and Nutrition Guide features equine health products and services from featured advertisers. Many of the products have been clinically studied for years, and have produced amazing testimonies of real results from competitors across all equine disciplines. Whether it is a specialized tool to help ease the pain of a high performance animal, or a supplement to help your horse get the complete nutrition he needs, we hope you’ll find what you’re looking for in this month’s Health and Nutrition Guide special advertising section.

Feed and Digestive Health

ADM Alliance – StaySTRONG™ 33 Ration Balancer
Guide01 ADMAllianceStaySTRONG StaySTRONG™ 33 Ration Balancer is the perfect product to use when additional essential nutrients are needed in your horse’s diet, especially for growing horses and lactating broodmares. It is the perfect complementary supplement to forages and grains that provide the necessary protein, minerals, and vitamins enabling horses to reach their full performance and growth potential. Due to mineral depletion in soils, organic nutrients found in forage hay are lower than they were in years prior. It is important to make sure your equine partner is getting the proper nutrients supplied in the correct amounts. StaySTRONG 33 Ration Balancer combines the advantages of GROSTRONG® Minerals to ensure horses receive 27 major minerals, trace minerals (including salt), vitamins, and electrolytes in the correct amounts and ratios for maintenance, growth, reproduction and performance.

StaySTRONG™ 33 Ration Balancer is the result of unsurpassed formulation expertise and leading edge technology. Over 100 years of formulation and manufacturing expertise back the reliability and nutritional soundness of StaySTRONG 33 Ration Balancer. To find more information and dealers in your area, visit, or call 800-680-8254.

Bluebonnet Feeds – Intensify® Omega Force
Guide02 BLUEBONNETFEEDS When it comes to feeding your equine athlete, it’s important that your feed provides all the proper nutrients so they can perform and feel their best. Intensify Omega Force is a nutrient-dense feed specifically formulated for horses in training. This product contains high quality protein and high levels of “Cool Energy” calories along with flaxseed and fish oil for increased Omega 3 fatty acids. Low levels of starch, sugar and non-structural carbohydrates team up with increased levels of organic Selenium Yeast and Vitamin E, all the essential nutrients for ultimate athletic performance.

This feed is safe for horses in all life stages and contains “Intensify Technology.” Intensify® feeds contain specific ingredients to support gastrointestinal health, which may reduce the chances of colic, ulcers, and pH imbalances. Omega Force is very concentrated and was designed to be fed in smaller amounts than traditional horse feeds. Lower feeding rates reduce chances of colic and gastric disturbances for your horse, as well as lowering feed costs for you. All Bluebonnet® Feeds ingredients must first pass rigorous quality standards before being used, and “True Name” ingredient listing is always available on the tag so you can rely on both quality and consistency in every bag.

Intensify products are available at many Bluebonnet® Feeds dealers. Please visit our website at and use our store locator to find the dealer nearest you.

Diamond V Original XPCTM

Guide03 XPC Bag All natural, science-based, Diamond V Original XPC™ helps provide the critical nutritional support needed for optimized digestive function. Improved digestive function translates into healthy horses performing to their best potential. Research shows Diamond V Original products support feed digestibility and efficiency, performance and recovery, and overall health and wellness.
The unique, fermentation-based metabolites in Original XPC support robust digestive health by balancing gut microbiota and the immune system while optimizing gut morphology. The all-natural nutritional metabolites in Original XPC nurture hindgut microbial populations that can more fully convert feedstuffs to nutrients. More nutrients are available for absorption, allowing the horse to reach a higher nutritional plane for optimal growth, performance, and overall health. Research shows that improved digestive function and a balanced immune system benefits all classes, types, and life stages of horses, including: prime equine athletes, foals and growing horses, and older or stressed horses.

Pick up your Diamond V today and visit for more information.

Finish Line Horse – U-7 Gastric Aid
Guide04 FINISHLINEU7GastricAid U-7 Gastric Aid is an excellent choice for long-term maintenance of a healthy gastric system, and promotes a healthy equine digestive system. It is a revolutionary formula promoting healthy appetite, performance, and attitude.

U-7 Gastric Aid was clinically studied by Dr. Scott McClure, DVM, PhD, DACVS and was found to be just as effective in preventing ulcers as Omeprazole. U-7 Gastric Aid is 1/12th the cost of Omeprazole and does not have the side effects known to be associated with the drug. U-7 Gastric Aid was studied over eight years, during which time over 1,200 horses were scoped. The study found U-7 Gastric Aid to be effective in both the stomach and the hindgut.

John R. Howe founded Finish Line Horse Products almost 40 years ago. John is a fourth generation horseman. His great grandfather, John Edward Howe, rode with Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders in the 1890’s; his duties included keeping the Rough Riders’ horse sound. John R. Howe used the family’s accumulated knowledge and hired a Doctor of Chemistry to create formulations that were the foundation of the Company.

Finish Line is a source of horse knowledge and science with many years of experience and access to top veterinarians and trainers. Like all Finish Line products, if the product does not perform up to expectations, Finish Line will refund the retail purchase price in full. To learn more about Finish Line products, visit or call 800-762-4242.

Ortho Equine Pro Balance

Guide05 Ortho Equine pro balance It’s difficult to control outside issues that may arise from different water and hay, to any environmental changes when you are traveling with your horse. These subtle changes can increase the risk of colic. Immediate Response from Ortho Equine is a must-have first-aid product for horse owners in case of a colic episode prior to professional diagnosis and treatment. To help prevent colic in the first place, Ortho Equine provides Pro Balance, which is in a daily micro pellet of Immediate Response. Pro Balance is available in a 60-day supply for horses that are more prone to digestive issues. Pro Balance is natural and very economical product, for the relief of dehydration, heat exhaustion and exposure to moldy hay.

Pro Balance is a great preventative product to add to your horse’s daily routine, and Immediate Response is essential to have on hand in case of an emergency. Ortho Equine is a manufacturer of equine supplements and tack, priding itself on quality products and innovative technology. To purchase Pro Balance or to find more information about the Ortho Equine, visit

SeaBuck 7 Equine
Guide06 SEA BUCK7Equine Jug Our animals are more than just companions; they’re like members of the family. SeaBuck 7 Equine is a whole food supplement for your whole horse. The natural goodness of the Himalayan Sea Buckthorn Berry used in SeaBuck 7 delivers over 190 bioactive compounds, which provide increased stamina, focus, and endurance for the competitive athlete. The densest and purest form of Omega 7, along with Omega 3, 6 and 9, keeps the digestive tract working at optimum levels and has been shown to help ulcers.

Important to anyone’s breeding program, SeaBuck 7 has been proven to promote healthier reproductive health as well. SeaBuck 7 supports passageways internally and the formation and maturation of sperm cells. The combination of improving cell health plus promoting mucous membrane production are both key elements in the reproductive process. Studies have confirmed an increase in sperm motility and fertility in horses when SeaBuck 7 is added to their diet.

SeaBuck 7 strives to enhance the lives of all pets, horses and their owners. The unique fatty acid properties and quality of our products translates directly to a better quality of life for your horses. SeaBuck also provides sea buckthorn and omega 7 nutritional supplements for dogs and cats to help with dry/problem skin, digestion, and joint issues. To learn more about SeaBuck 7 products, and where they can be purchased, visit

Oxy-Gen Oxy-Max
Guide07 OxyGenOxy Max Oxy-Gen consists of 33 different equine products that are each specifically designed for different types of health support for your horse. Oxy-Max is a pelleted product with an alfalfa base and a yeast base flavor that is very palatable. Oxy-Max is designed to be an all-in-one daily product for lung, joint, and ulcer care.

With the Oxy-Gen formula as a base for lung support, Glucosamine and MSM are added for joints and sodium bicarbonate is used for ulcer support. Each pellet is also coated with prebiotics and probiotics to aid in digestion. The horse owner can either feed this product one time per day or twice daily based on their program. It comes in a 60-day, 24 lb. pail for $165, or in a five-month supply, 50 lb. pail for $299.

Oxy-Max is the number one selling product offered by the company and was developed with the help of Ed and Martha Wright. This unique product has become very popular based on one product that includes everything you need for daily care. For more information or to purchase, visit or Both websites list all dealers.

SmartPack – SmartCombo™ Ultimate Pellets
Guide08 SMARTPAKSmartCombo Ultimate SmartCombo™ Ultimate is ideal for horses in very heavy work, or for anyone simply wanting to provide the very best multi-purpose support. SmartCombo™ Ultimate Pellets make it easy to give your horse an unparalleled level of joint, hoof, gastric, and digestive health support all in one, at a savings of over 25 percent compared to purchasing individually.

SmartCombo™ Ultimate pellets combine the active ingredients of SmartFlex® IV Ultimate for joint, tendon and ligament support, SmartHoof® Ultra fro strong hooves, SmartGl® Ultra for researched stomach and hindgut healthy ingredients, and SmartShine® Ultra for a brilliant coat.

SmartPak™ was founded in 1999 with the introduction of the patented SmartPak™ supplement feeding system. The revolutionary daily-dose SmartPaks are custom-made for your horse and individually labeled and sealed for freshness. With the success of this simple and convenient feeding system, SmartPak™ has continued to expand its offering of quality products, including its own line of more than 60 supplement formulas called SmartSupplements™, and a wide variety of tack, equipment, and supplies. When ordered in SmartPaks, horses may be eligible for ColiCare, SmartPak’s $7,500 colic surgery reimbursement program. Visit their website for more information.

Silver Lining Herbs 27 Liver Support
Guide09 Silver Lining Herbs Liver You would not expect to get longevity and consistent performance out of your vehicle without changing its filters on a regular basis, and the same holds true for our horses. Horses need that regular maintenance for their filtering organs, too. The liver plays a key role in the detoxification process, breaking down old damaged cells, a central role in the metabolic processes, in fat metabolism, and blood clotting. The liver’s natural function is to filter toxins to begin the process of flushing them from the body, and what a job it has in today’s world, with the massive amounts of chemicals that surround our horses. From chemical wormers, to the herbicides and insecticides used in the growing of horse feed and forage, to vaccinations and fly spray, we ask a lot of our horses’ livers.

This makes 27 Liver Support very important to aid the liver in functioning at its optimal capacity. This product may be beneficial in assisting the body in combating environmental pollutants, as well as supporting normal detoxification processes and eye health. 27 Liver Support helps maintain normal histamine levels and can be used for those horses with seasonal allergies.

A good maintenance program for your horse’s liver is to support it twice a year in the spring and fall with Silver Lining Herbs 27 Liver Support. To learn more about 27 Liver Support and other Silver Lining Herbs, visit or call 866-543-6956.

Triple Crown – Alfa-Lox® Forage
Guide10 Triple Crown Alfa-Lox® Forage is an alfalfa-based supplement to support normal digestive health in mature horses prone to gastric and colonic ulcers. Alfa-Lox® from Triple Crown is a revolutionary feed supplement that promotes gastric health by using a multiple nutrient-based approach for the health of the entire digestive tract. Chopped alfalfa hay provides a buffering effect for horses on or off pharmacological treatments. Mannan oligosaccharides naturally stimulate immune function, while Omega-3 fatty acids reduce intestinal cell inflammation. L-Carnitine, an amino acid recommended by veterinarians to increase nutrient metabolism, improves cellular repair. Alfa-Lox® is a great solution for horses prone to gastric and colonic ulcers, horses that tend to go off feed, and hard keepers. Alfa-Lox® consists of 14 percent protein, 7 percent fat, and 25 percent fiber.

“Based on routine gastroscopy of several horses in our barn, I believe Alfa-Lox is an excellent way to maintain good gastric health and prevent gastric ulceration,” says Jeffrey Besear, DVM.
Triple Crown Nutrition has been in business for 25 years just serving the horse feed industry. Triple Crown was the first company to design a low carbohydrate product line and products like Alfa-Lox continue the innovation. See the benefits Triple Crown has to offer at or call at 800-451-9916.

Uckele Health – G.U.T
Guide11 UckeleGutCollage Problems with the digestive tract can sideline your horse just as quickly and severely as any lameness issue. Many people don’t tend to think of the GI tract much in connection with performance, but that can be a mistake. The digestive tract is secondary only to skeletal muscle as the largest organ system in the body. All the nutrients your horse needs to perform, adapt and heal must come from an efficiently functioning GI tract. Nutrients must be effectively absorbed and efficiently utilized so the digestive tract can support the increased needs of the performance horse. Uckele’s most popular formula has been upgraded. G.U.T. provides effective and economical support for horses prone to gastric upset and supports healthy cellular function through the GI tract. Highly palatable even for the pickiest eaters, G.U.T. supports the health of the gastric tissues without negatively affecting gastric acidity for normal digestion. G.U.T. contains no aluminum and supports even the most sensitive horse’s GI Tract. As always, G.U.T. provides a broader, higher potency nutrient spectrum for total GI health and a time-proven blend of pre- and probiotics to support healthy gut flora. Now, G.U.T. also includes a smoothing and protective blend of marshmallow root, slippery elm bark and aloe vera gel extract. G.U.T. is available in pellets, powder, and paste.

For more information, including price, or to order, call 800-248-0330 or visit

GASTRO-PLEX® from Med-Vet Pharmaceuticals (MVP)
Guide12 United Vet GASTROPLEX Protect your horse’s digestive health with GASTRO-PLEX® by MVP. GASTRO-PLEX® contains antioxidants, probiotics, gastric nutrients and herbals that help support healthy digestive function. Key ingredients help support healthy stomach tissue lining and may help ease occasional discomfort. Available in pellets and paste.

GASTRO-PLEX® is endorsed by top Professionals: Sharin Hall, Dena Kirkpatrick, Nancy Hunter, Pete Oen and Kassidy Dennison.

To learn more or order GASTRO-PLEX®, visit GASTRO-PLEX® is available through all major distributors and retails for $57.50 (1 month supply); $108.75 (2 month); $202.90 (4 month); $390.50 (two horses for 4 months) – approximately $1.70/serving. MVP is a member of the NASC (National Animal Supplement Council) and proudly displays the NASC product seal – your guarantee of quality assurance! Call 1-800-328-6652 for an introductory offer today.

Nutritional Support for Increased Performance

APC, Inc – LIFELINE® Equine Elite™
Guide13 APC Elite LIFELINE When your equine partner is not handling the stress of competing and traveling well, what can you do? LIFELINE® Equine Elite™ is a solution tried and proven among champions to help your horse adjust and handle the pressure and stress of life on the road.

Equine Elite contains the serum-based active ingredient BioThrive™, which is proven to help ease the negative effects of stress in animals. When performance horses train, travel and compete, the normal stress of these routines can cause the immune system to trigger a cascading inflammatory response that can negatively impact joint, respiratory and gut health. BioThrive™ supports and maintains a normal immune system and targets multiple systems of a horse’s body to support gut function, joint movement, and breathing recovery.

The active ingredient BioThrive™ is derived from natural bovine plasma and made through a proprietary process exclusive to LIFELINE® that preserves the bioactive proteins found in the plasma. It is not a vitamin or mineral supplement, but rather a performance supplement that supports normal immune function and an efficient inflammatory response.

LIFELINE® Equine Elite is show safe. As part of their safety testing, LIFELINE® sent blood samples to an independent accredited university lab for drug testing. The blood samples were completely free of substances banned by racing and showing industries.

“LIFELINE® is a life changer for horses. I have never seen a product that is able to cover so many different areas of a horse,” says four-time Road To The Horse champion, Chris Cox.

Equine Elite is available in farm and feed stores, from independent dealers, online and from animal health distributors. For a complete listing of sellers and to use the LIFELINE® store locator, please visit

Equine 7 – OXY MARE
Guide14 Equine7OxyMare2 Oxy Mare by Equine 7 can effectively suppress estrus in mares of breeding age, ultimately improving their performance. Poor behavior in young, in-heat mares can be due to immaturity, lack of training, and experience. Mares can become obsessed with other horses, have a hard time concentrating on work, or ride like they are just looking for a fight. Often mares that have problems with their cycles are treated with hormone therapy to regulate or halt the mare’s cycles. While Oxy-Mare suppresses the cycle, it does not stop or alter the cycle. Oxy Mare can help ease those training issues by helping mares feel better by leveling out the estrus level and soothing the inflammation of estrus tissues and organs. This allows the mare the freedom to perform at her best and concentrate on the task at hand.

Oxy Mare is safe to handle and administer without fear of human-contact side effects, or long-term drug related side effects in the mare. It is available in a 100cc paste for $100 per tube or three tubes for $250. Oxy-Mare also is available at part of the “Patriot Pack,” a valued savings for those customers using several of the Equine 7 line of products. Contact your local Oxy-Gen/Equine 7 dealer or visit and bye calling 866-571-7537.

Guide15 HealthyCoat HorseTrio02 HealthyCoat is the highest quality supplement of essential fatty acids for horses. It’s an all-natural liquid feed supplement that gives horses more than just a shiny coat. HealthCoat is rich in Linoleic and Linolenic fatty acids, (Omega 3 & 6) along with B-12 vitamins, and is fortified with niacin, and biotin. HealthyCoat is proven to help with skin abnormalities, and promotes a glossy hair coat. It enhances skin while helping maintaining hoof condition. Additionally, HealthyCoat contains Vitamin E in its natural form for maximum biological availability. It has also been proven to aid in the absorption of the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K.

HealthyCoat is a liquid feed supplement that is naturally processed with no chemicals or heat. The patented cold pressed processing keeps all the nutrients whole, making it easily digestible and slowly metabolized to provide a consistent level of “controlled energy.” Very little heat is given off during digestion, making this top dressing ideal for hot weather feeding and keeping your animal cool.

In addition, HealthyCoat provides maximum energy to muscles. It’s ideal for boosting nutritional levels for horses in stressful conditions. It works great for growing horses or lactating mares, and horses that are in training for competition or don’t seem to have the vigor they once had.

HealthyCoat improves performance, condition, and overall health. For ordering information or to find a dealer, visit or call 515-276-5183.

Managing Electrolytes and Muscle Recovery

Biomedical Research – Un-Lock®
Guide16 Unlocksyringe Un-Lock® is an advanced race-performance muscle formula that prevents muscle damage and speeds up recovery times. One of the major benefits of Horse Un-Lock® is that it helps prevent tying up and cramping during workouts and races, resulting in dramatic gains in endurance and performance. A scientific formula of dozens of amino acids, electrolytes, and essential muscle vitamins make up the precise patent-pending formula of Horse Un-Lock®. The unique blend of active compounds in the Horse Un-Lock® formula will help your horses increase blood flow (arginine), reduce muscle fatigue (isolucine), reduce lactic acid build up (carnitine), speed recovery (glutamine), and trigger muscle growth (leucine and valine) for optimal athletic performance. Your horses will maintain top speeds for longer by reducing their heart rate during training and racing.

Horse Un-Lock® is very affordable at $2.50 per serving, or save up to $108 if you are ready to commit to a larger order. Your horse’s increased earnings will more than cover the cost. Un-Lock® is risk free. If you are not 100 percent satisfied with the results, the makers of Horse Un-Lock® will refund your money. No questions asked. For ordering information visit or call 800-557-9055.

Formula 707 – MuscleMX
Guide17 707MuscleMix Building muscle can be complicated, especially when a horse’s body tends to build muscle at it’s own pace. Building new muscle becomes an uphill battle, especially in horses recovering from an injury, disease, or severe stress. Even young, growing horses that are being exercised on a daily basis often need a little help to pack dense muscle onto their limber frames. Feeding extra protein, even rich in amino acids will show little results because in order to add muscle mass and continue to do so, you have to regenerate the equine metabolism to remain in, or return to, muscle building mode.

Formula 707 MuscleMx is a proprietary blend of Creatine Monohydrate, Ornithine-a- KetoGlutarrate, Gamma Oryzanol and Lysine to support muscle growth for the equine athlete. These four natural ingredients work synergistically to encourage the metabolic reaction required for muscle growth and development. “Gamma Oryzanol and Lysine are the most tested active ingredients proven to build muscle. The increased amino acid profile in Formula 707 MuscleMx will build muscle without increased feeding requirements,” says Dr. Carey Williams, Rutgers University. “Formula 707 MuscleMx is the best product in this class, and works naturally and does not have any restrictions in regard to feeding prior to competition.”

MuscleMX encourages the equine body to do what it already knows how to do with remarkable efficiency. For all horses challenged in the task of adding or simply maintaining muscle mass, MuscleMX is the real solution for real results. Find ordering information at

ForeRunner Oral Paste
Guide18 ForeRunner New for 2015 is ForeRunner, an equine paste for use pre-event and post-event for performance. ForeRunner Oral Paste was developed to help your horse reach their optimal performance while assisting in a quick recovery. ForeRunner supports a boost in stamina and oxygenation, assists in maintaining a low level of stress, helps in maintaining hydration and supports a quick recovery post-performance.

ForeRunner is not only an electrolyte paste, but also includes equine specific probiotics, prebiotics, colostrum, and BeneCell™, a new cutting-edge ingredient for improved performance. BeneCell™ is one of the most researched ingredients for use in animal diets for its efficiency in improved performance and quick recovery. BeneCell™, is a proprietary blend of purified nucleotides and other essential nutrients.

Nucleotides play a critical role in the body in that they accelerate the production of new cells. The production of new cells allows an animal to recover much quicker from strenuous performance, illness, disease, or injury.

ForeRunner is launching a full line of products, brand new for 2015. Find their ad in this issue for a special promotional offer. For ordering information, visit or call 888-772-9592.

Myristol PRO
Guide19 Myristol ProBuckets Joint inflammation, injury, and muscle soreness are among the most common problems that afflict horses engaged in athletic activity. Myristol PRO utilizes ingredients that support the health of both joint tissues and muscle tissue. Myristol PRO contains the same major joint health ingredients found in the leading supplement Myristol, but with an extra 1000mg of the anti-inflammatory fatty acid cetyl myristoleate. This makes Myristol PRO the leading joint health supplement regarding levels of cetyl myristoleate. Myristol PRO also contains Promutase, which is an antioxidant that supports muscle tissue health and aids in recovery after strenuous exercise.

The ingredients in Myristol, as well as the ingredient Promutase, are both supported by clinical research with published clinical trials available for both, and include the National Animal Supplement Council seal of quality.

Dr. Gayle Trotter, veterinarian and former joint health researcher at Colorado State University, founded Myristol Enterprises. The goal of developing these products was to provide a nutritional approach to joint health that will hopefully reduce the overall need for anti-inflammatory drugs and joint injections. The ingredients used in the Myristol line of products are those where research supports their efficacy for the intended purpose.

You can purchase Myristol PRO through veterinarians or by visiting their website at for more information.

Equiwinner Patches
Guide20 EquiwinnerJun2015 All bodily functions depend on this conductivity of fluids in and around cells, and since an adult horse’s body is composed of roughly 70 percent water, the horse’s body is mostly fluids. Electrolytes are important to every physiological process in the horse’s body, from conducting electricity to managing bodily fluids. While electrolytes are important, it’s equally important those electrolytes are balanced. Thanks to a new understanding of electrolyte balance and proper activity, there is now a practical solution to restoring proper electrolyte function. Equiwinner Patches can be a powerful treatment; it’s not about feeding more electrolytes, but rather making them work properly.

One 10-day treatment can last for months and even up to a year. Equiwinner is guaranteed for bleeding (EIPH), tying-up, non-sweating, headshaking, hydration and more. The patch contains only naturally balanced electrolytes and adds nothing to the horse’s body. The equine body simply recognizes and responds to the electrolytes in the patch. There are no side effects and no risk.

You simply cannot get better performance than when electrolytes work properly.

Scan to watch/listen on how Equiwinner extended Class Bopper’s career by years just by making him sweat more efficiently. He’s now competing against horses almost half his age. Signal-Health has been distributing Equiwinner™ patches in the USA and Canada for several years. Patches are available for $129 (plus shipping and handling) for a 10-day supply, and can be purchased online at or over the phone at 877-378-4946.

TechMix LLC – Equine Bluelite
Guide21 equinebluelitefamily For more than 30 years, TechMix continues as the industry leader in hydration health. Hydration and nutritional support is essential for both overall horse health and performance during stressful events such as travel, heat stress, and competition. Most horse owners recognize the importance of proper feeding as well as the expense and labor involved in caring for a horse, however, it is equally important to keep horses consuming the necessary amount of water.

Horses not consuming sufficient drinking water on a daily basis tend to go off feed, risk having a colic episode, impaction, and long-term digestive disturbances, including ulcers, as well as overall dehydration. Proper hydration makes everything work better. Just like a human athlete, your horse needs to have muscle, heart, and blood hydration for healthy function. Proper hydration is more than just water and sugar; it requires the balanced pH level that Equine BlueLite provides. Equine BlueLite® helps maintain hydration before, during, and after activities.

BlueLite® is the formula for success that has been used by horse enthusiasts for over 30 years to ensure that their horse is getting the energy and nutrients needed while expending extra energy during periods of exercise, stress, or heat. Visit for ordering information and much more.

Uckele Health Lyte Now Paste
Guide22 UckeleLyteNow1 For good reason, Lyte Now continues as an established leader in equine electrolytes worldwide. Lyte Now’s exclusive mineral ingredients will deliver fast to balance electrolyte loss. This easily digestible and absorbable paste, administered pre- and post-event, supports healthy electrolyte hydration and crucial electrolyte balance.

Lyte Now is highly concentrated, so smaller amounts can be utilized to give the greatest benefit. This comprehensive formula supports hydration, energy production, acid/base balance, heart and lung function and stress recovery, whether it’s related to travel, training or performing. Lyte Now also supports the balance and flow of vital body fluids, the transmission of nerve impulses, and the healthy function of muscles and the circulatory system. This blend supplies a balanced trace mineral mix with an herbal extract to support electrolyte balance, healthy metabolism, digestive function and superior muscular performance while training in all weather conditions. Lyte Now contains balanced amounts of the major electrolytes: sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and chloride. It also contains glycine and taurine, amino acids that further support electrolyte bioavailability, utilization and detoxification, as well as the herbal extract, DGL (Deglycyrrhized Licorice), to support healthy gut and endocrine function. The trace minerals copper, zinc, iron, manganese and cobalt also help support healthy electrolyte metabolism, red blood cell and hemoglobin production, and adaptation to the increased oxidative stress associated with strenuous activities or events.

Lyte Now is available in a 30 ml tube and 80 ml tube. For more information or to find a dealer near you, visit

Bone and Joint Support

Platinum Performance CJ (Complete Joint)
Guide23 Platinum Performance Platinum Performance Complete Joint is formulated to address every aspect of horse health, with special emphasis on joints. Everything from skin and coat health, to hoof support is covered with Platinum CJ. Most horse owners choose Platinum CJ because it is the only whole-horse formula that includes ASU, a powerful ingredient for joint health. In addition to antioxidants, other ingredients in Platinum CJ that are beneficial for joints include glucosamine, Omega 3 fatty acids, MSM, cetyl-myrostoleate, and hyaluronic acid. Platinum CJ is our most potent formula for joint support, and is popular for performance horses and senior horses alike because it supports joint health from all angles.

It is truly the only supplement your horse needs, because it supports every part of horse health, with added support for joints.

Platinum Performance is a veterinarian-founded company, who formulates, tests, and produces all of their own formulas to the highest standards. If you have questions about your supplement program, feel free to call a Platinum Advisor who is available to help you with your horse’s feed program, workload and discipline. All of our formulas are available at, or by calling 1-800-553-2400.

Cetyl M® Complete Joint Action Formula
Guide24 CetylMComplete A revolutionary new product from Response Products is Cetyl M® Complete Joint Action Formula for horses. This exciting new product offers the same level of cetyl myristoleate as the original Advanced Cetyl M® Joint Action Formula, plus added support for bones, immune function, and mental focus.

Cetyl M® supports joint health, function and mobility, while maintaining healthy bone, tendon, ligament, cartilage structure and function. Cetyl M® also contains antioxidants, and supports normal detoxification processes for a healthy immune system. Lastly, Cetyl M® supports balanced behavior, promotes relaxation and reduced hyperactivity so the horse can adequately focus on the task at hand.

Response Products is a progressive, family-owned company based out of Nebraska, and is dedicated to the development and marketing of innovative joint health and nutrition products for people, companion animals and horses. You can purchase directly by calling 877-866-9757 or by visiting their website at

Pain Management and Wound Care

Guide25 Banixx final Banixx is the cost-effective and award winning wound and skin care product for your entire household of pets and livestock. Banixx™ Wound and Hoof Care is a multipurpose wound, skin, and hoof care product that is both anti-bacterial and anti- fungal, making this product an ideal treatment for wounds, rain rot, fungus, white line disease, thrush, and abscesses. The key to Banixx’s success is its unique pH formula, which creates a hostile environment for bacteria and fungi. It does not contain steroids or antibiotics, has no odor and no sting, and is clinically proven to be safe around the eyes and mouth. Easy to apply, it penetrates wounds and other problem areas, aiding the deep-healing process instead of promoting mere surface healing.

Banixx has a shelf life of over four years and can withstand long-term sun exposure, heat, and freezing temperatures without losing its effectiveness. Not only is Banixx™ Wound and Hoof Care highly effective on horses, it can also be used to treat household pets, show cattle, alpacas, and even exotic birds and reptiles, making this product a must-have in your trailer, barn and house.
Banixx™ Wound and Hoof Care is available through several online retailers as well as local tack stores and feed/farm supply dealers. To find a dealer near you, visit or call 877-944-0795.

Therapeutic Tools and Services

Back On Track Therapeutic Quick Wraps
Guide26 BackOnTrackQuickWraps Back On Tack Therapeutic Quick Wraps are and an all-natural choice to help keep your horse’s legs tight and cool. Back on Track’s therapy products are the only products using Welltex polyester fabric with ceramic powder fused into the fibers. When heated, the ceramic particles radiate a heat back towards the body. This reflected heat is called long wave infrared radiation, and it has been well documented that long wave infrared heat radiation increases the blood circulation. The increased blood circulation in the tissues helps relieve muscle tension and improves performance.

An important property of Back On Tack products is the injury prevention effect when these products are used during training and competition. Our products can be used 24/7 after the 4-day introduction time. The soft fabric helps muscles feel loose, supple and comfortable. It’s also important to note that Welltex fabric is infused into the threads so they don’t wash out. After years of regular washing, they still perform like new.

Back on Track is the perfect choice for therapeutic gear with products not just for horses but for dogs and people, too. Visit their website to read testimonials from professionals, see videos of Back on Track in action, and find a retailer near you. Visit or call 1-888-758-9836.

Guide27 cytowave2 Cytowave is an all-in-one product that can help heal severe injuries, and can even help prevent them in the first place by keeping a horse healthy. Some products on the market numb nerves and tissue to mask pain and discomfort. Cytowave does not hurt a horse, and does not have an analgesic effect, requires no sedation, and actually helps to mend the injury.

Cytowave, uses Superconducting Quantum Interference Device or SQUID signals to obtain natural signals associated with the healing process, amplifies them, and introduces them to the injury site delivered via a mild magnetic field. Since Cytowave is new, it’s important to note that it is not pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, light therapy, or shockwave therapy. Cytowave is completely non-invasive technology, and is supported by case studies. It’s patented, one-of-a-kind technology is like nothing else on the market. It works incredibly well, especially managing the pain of chronic sore backs, and treating inflammation. Cytowave is endorsed by veterinarians and used by the United States Horse Jumping Team, and by other equine competitors who understand the rigors of training.

“I’ve heard trainers at the track refer to the Cytowave box as ‘voodoo.’ The fact is, it works, and it is certainly not voodoo,” says Ron Capito, marketing director for Cytowave. “We prefer to let our customers tell others about their experiences.” To see the amazing results, and countless testimonies from equine champions from all disciplines, visit or call 844-298-9283 for more information.

DePaolo Equine Concepts Horse Hair Analysis©
Guide28 DePaolo HorseHairAnalysis1 High-strung, nervous, irritable, – do any of these words describe your horse? Does he struggle with body soreness, tying-up or a sore back? While many factors can contribute to mental, physical, and behavioral problems, more often than not, the root cause of many of these issues is a mineral deficiency.

In fact, an estimated 80 percent of horses exhibiting signs of emotional problems and 82 percent of horses with musculoskeletal concerns tested deficient in one or more nutritional minerals. This can lead to physical or mental setbacks, and Horse Hair Analysis© can pinpoint those deficiencies by providing an extremely accurate profile of your horse’s biochemistry.

Hair is the first place nutritional deficiencies are detected. The Horse Hair Analysis© will help you identify and correct imbalances in the diet, leading to a healthier horse and improved performance.
The hair is scientifically tested in a laboratory and lab results are evaluated by Mark DePaolo, DVM. A comprehensive report, complete with graphs detailing each mineral and metal level, is then sent to you, along with an explanation of how the horse is affected. A personalized feed program and supplement recommendation is included to help your horse reach its full potential.

Horse Hair Analysis© has tested over 2,000 horses since 2008 and is endorsed by Jordon Briggs and Jolene Montgomery. The cost of Horse Hair Analysis© tests is $185, and the customized Personal Supplement is less than $1.00 a day. To begin your Horse Hair Analysis© today, visit or call 940-686-9111.

Equinix Photonic Torch
Guide29 Torch For generations, acupuncture treatments have been used to relieve pain and muscle soreness by targeting pressure points in the body, but acupuncture therapy can only be done with steel needles in a professional setting. Now there’s a way to treat those same pressure points in any setting with no needles – the Equinix Photonic Torch.

Roughly the same size as a flashlight, the Photonic Torch uses visible red light and invisible near-infrared energy from light emitting diodes (LEDS), which have been shown in research studies to accelerate healing by as much as 200 percent. LED lights, used in cancer wards and to treat military injuries, work by increasing the energy inside the cell, stimulating blood vessels to send oxygen and nutrients to the afflicted area while also encouraging new tissue growth. The light waves can penetrate the body up to 9 inches but will not harm the skin. It is safe, painless, and cool to the touch. The Equinix Photonic Torch comes with charts and a guidebook identifying pressure points to treat pain in the forelegs, hind legs, back, neck, and jaw, as well as pressure points to treat tying up, circulation problems, reproductive issues, bleeding gums, bladder infections, and more. In addition to the equine kit, Photonic Torch kits are also available for dogs and humans.

The equine torch kit is available for $495, plus shipping. To learn more, view before-and after videos, or order the Equinix Photonic Torch, visit

IceHorse Cold Therapy Wraps
Guide30 IceHorse IceHorse Cold Therapy Wraps are newly designed tendon wraps featuring a fabric outer shell that is exclusive to IceHorse to provide even contact and maximum compression. IceHorse reusable ice packs are a patented formula, which, when frozen, turns to soft fluffy snow to conform easily to the horses legs, and because the formula is a true ice product and not a gel, it removes heat from the tendons continuously for over 2 hours per application.

While icing is the first and the most important step in treating an acute injury like a sprain, strain, muscle pull, or tear; routine use of IceHorse is the best treatment for preventing injuries. IceHorse Cold Therapy has two main benefits: reducing swelling and relieving pain. The product is cost effective and easy to use, and is why some of the top competitors like Fallon Taylor and Amberley Snyder make IceHorse a part of their daily routine.

Since 1997, Ice Horse has been the leader in equine cold therapy products. Ice Horse products are available at leading tack stores and via online retailers. Visit to find a dealer near you.

PHT Magnetics – Stifle Wraps
Guide31 PHTMagneticsStifleWrap Stifles are difficult to treat and maintain, but PHT Magnetics Stifle Wrap has now made it easy and convenient to provide magnetic and copper therapy for your horse’s stifle area. The new design stifle wraps provide convenient, effective treatment coverage. Perfect for stifle injuries or edema and swelling associated with strenuous exercise and performance, even older arthritic horses will benefit from this easy to use wrap. Find more information about all PHT Magnetic products and ordering information at or call 806-418-5641.

Worm and Fly Control

Pyranha Equine Spray and Wipe
Guide32 Pyranha Equine Combo For over 40 years Pyranha, Inc. has been innovating and providing pest control solutions for the residential and livestock industry. Pyranha not only offers ready-to-use and concentrated insecticide products as well as their misting systems, but they also offer a line of odor-management products ideal for homes, kennels, livestock areas and more.

Equine Spray and Wipe is a water-based version of the popular product, Pyranha Wipe.

While Pyranha Wipe is an oil-based formula, Equine Spray & Wipe is great for active horses, and turn out on hot summer days. This water-based formula is quickly becoming a stable favorite among horse owners. It doesn’t attract dust and grime and offers long-lasting protection against a wide array of disease carrying insects.

Pyranha Equine Spray & Wipe kills and repels harmful disease carrying insects including stable flies, house flies, bot flies, horse flies, horn flies, ticks, deer flies, mosquitoes, fleas, face flies, gnats, and lice. Equine Spray & Wipe is available in a 4 oz. trail-size, quart or gallon sizes. Please visit and click on “Find Pyranha” to locate a dealer near you.

Human Supplements

Myristocol Plus from Myristol
Guide33 myristocol HUMAN Myristol Enterprises, LLC has been making uniquely formulated joint health products for animals since 2003, and is now introducing a new joint health supplement for people. The new supplement, called Myristocol Plus, contains similar ingredients to the products that have proven so successful in animals, but with enhanced levels of collagen.

Ingredients include glucosamine along with the potent sulfur source methylsulfonylmethane (MSM). Other unique ingredients include the anti-inflammatory fatty acid ester cetyl myristoleate. Research has shown significant improvement in limb function and stiffness in people taking cetyl myristoleate for osteoarthritis affecting their knees. Myristocol Plus also contains hydrolyzed collagen, a mixture of short and long chain amino acids, which supports the unique collagen found in the articular cartilage of joints. However, Myristocol Plus has twice the collagen content found in previous offerings. This blend of ingredients was selected because of their comprehensive ability to differentially affect many of the destructive changes that are initiated when a joint is injured or becomes inflamed. By combining high concentrations of these different ingredients, a broad-spectrum nutritionally based approach is taken to help preserve joint health and mobility.

“We had seen such impressive results in animals taking our Myristol products that we wanted to create a similarly efficacious supplement for people with joint problems,” said product developer, Dr. Gayle Trotter. “We feel this collagen enhanced Myristocol Plus capsule formulation will really meet the need for many people.”

Myristocol Plus is provided as a flavored powder contained in easily swallowed capsules for quick release and rapid absorption. For those who have difficulty swallowing capsules or tablets, the capsule can be opened and the flavored powder poured and blended into yogurt, a smoothie or any food. For more information on Myristocol Plus, or on any of the Myristol animal joint health products, visit or call 800-525-8602.


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