The 2023 Divisional Statistics Issue

The Cornerstone: 2023 Divisional Statistical Leaders
Divisional races awarded $31.2 million in 2023. EquiStat presents the leading divisional contenders and highest-paying races plus regional leaders in these exclusive statistics. By Tanya Randall, Page 34

EquiStat’s leading divisional horses, riders, owners, breeders and events from 1D to 4D are featured in the April 2024 issue.
On the cover: Tricia Aldridge and Adios Pantaloons win Buckeye Royal Crown Futurity. Photo by Lexi Smith Media

Divisional Statistical Profiles
From all-time leading riders, leading futurity horses, high school rodeo champions, pro rodeo winners to talented youth competitors, 2023’s top-earning divisional teams all share a passion for the sport. By Tanya Randall, page 44

Regional Divisional Statistical Leaders
EquiStat highlights the leading divisional horses and riders of 2023 from each region of the country. Statistics by EquiStat, page 54


A Gut Feeling
Gastric health plays a vital role in a horse’s wellbeing and performance. By Jessica Lash, page 24

Expert Tips
Enjoy a collection of tips from featured trainers. By Kailey Sullins, page 30

Champions’ Corner

Charmayne James’ Tips, Page 18

In Every Issue

Arena Record, Page 4
Arena Dirt, Page 9
Outside the Arena, Page 20
Barrel Racing Across the U.S., Page 100
Futurity Roundup,, Page 102

Event Spotlight

Seen in the Arena, Page 57
Sandhills and National Western Stock Show Rodeos, Page 58
Royal Crown Buckeye, Page 64
Kinder Cup Futurity and Breeders Challenge Qualifier, No. 2, Page 70
WPRA Circuit Finals Recap, Page 74
Texarkana Showdown, Page 80
Dinosaur Classic, Page 84
Sherry Cervi Youth Championships, Page 88


Pennsylvania State Championships, Page 92
Tennessee State Championships, Page 94
Member Profile, Page 96

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