BHN 2016StallionRegister2017 Stallion RegisterThe 2017 Barrel Horse News Stallion Register is available in print and online versions. The BHN Stallion Register is the leading stallion resource guide for mare owners in the Western performance horse industry. Breeders can easily access the pedigrees, performance records and sire records for hundreds of stallions in one place, and now online from anywhere.

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The 2017 BHN Stallion Register is also available for iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle, and a desktop version will be available. These online versions allow you to easily access the same information that is available in the print version.

You can always visit the BHN Stallion Register Directory on our website by clicking here. 

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If you are interested in booking your stallion in the next BHN Stallion Register, click here! 


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