Joy Wargo has a specific strategy for teaching leads to her horses.


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  1. Erin Christopher Reply

    Hey there!

    Is there something wrong with the audio? I am hearing more of the background music than Joy Wargo’s actual voice. This has been the case since the videos of Kelsey Jo Lutjen were posted. The audio seems fine on the videos before that date.


    Erin Christopher

    • Kailey Sullins Reply

      Hi Erin, We have received some comments about this and we’ve tested it on our end without problems, but it has come to our attention that some viewers when listening with headphones or earbuds – specifically if they are only listening with one side of the earbuds – are having trouble hearing the audio. Try listening to the videos with both earbuds, if this is the case for you, or straight from your device without earbuds. We are working to rectify this problem, but in the meantime we hope this helps. Thank you for your interest in our site!

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