Jordan Briggs shows you her favorite Dave Elliott bits and explains their functions.


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  1. Brittany Smith Reply

    I was wondering which shanks these were by Dave… I know you mentioned Sue Smith and I noticed one of the bits later in the video was the Spur up 2 but the first two bits in the video are maybe Spur up 3 or 11… I’ve got an order in with Dave right now and wanted to add to it bc I’m obsessed with his bits. Several of the things you mentioned really hit home with me and these are the types of bits I need to add. Also which is your most typical mouthpiece? Thanks in advance

  2. I LOVE Dave Elliott’s bits. They are pricey compared to some of the others around but they are well worth it. I made the switch about q8 months ago and can see a major difference in feel with both of my mares.

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