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When selecting a sports medicine boot for your horse, you must be careful in what you select.  Most boots are to be used for protection and support; however, the majority are made up of a neoprene material that traps heat. Tendon injury is one of the most common musculoskeletal injuries in performance horses, with the superficial digital flexor tendon (SDFT) in the forelimb being the most prone to injury (Ely, et al. 2004).  When you are working your horse, the tendons tend to heat up increasing your risk for injury.  I am sure you have always heard “never leave your boots on for very long.”  This would be why.  When you are working your horses for extended periods of time in protective boots and bandages that do not allow heat to escape it can compromise the internal structures of the horses’ leg.   

As a horse’s level of activity increases, the area of skin covered by the boot may start to overheat and sweat as well, causing discomfort for the horse.  Unlike traditional boot designs that can trap and hold this heat against the skin, Ortho Equine’s Complete Comfort Boots pulls heat and moisture away from the leg, giving the horse’s leg exceptional cooling comfort and thermal regulation. The power behind Intellitemp’s temperature-regulating ability is a patented microscopic additive called Thermasorb. The remarkable additives are able to alter their physical state to either absorb or release heat from the body while continuously “recharging” themselves for prolonged comfort and protection.  Ortho Equine introduced the climate control over 15 years ago to this industry.  They have made a few changes to the design and fit of the boot over the years but the technology has always stayed the same. 

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  • Lined with Intellitemp, which absorbs heat through the outer layer
  • Breathable yet durable outer layer has a 4-way stretch, allowing boot to conform well
  • Dryz antimicrobial interlining wicks moisture away and restricts bacterial growth
  • Form fit reduces dirt and debris

These boots are made from top of the line materials that have been used in the orthopedic industry for over 30 years and they are made right here in the USA! 

Ortho Equine Complete Comfort boots provide comfortable, no-sweat support for your horse while protecting from dirt and debris. Our Comfort Boots provide the ultimate support as well with a dual strap that supports from BOTH sides.  

Ortho equine sports medicine boot

There are over 10 different colors to choose from in the Complete Comfort Boots.  The best thing is that you can design your own on the website!  You can choose different binding colors with your choice of straps.  There are options of solid colored straps along with a large variety of designs. They offer pony size to Xlarge in all boots.  Whether you are looking for basic or bold, they have you covered. Basically a custom boot for a great price! 

Even with this amazing technology and made in the USA, the Ortho Equine Complete Comfort Boot provides all of the above at an affordable price.  When you purchase an Ortho Equine pair of boots, you are supporting a dream and several families that work hard to make these products. 

With over 30 years of experience in the orthopedic and sports medicine business, Ortho Care is bringing that experience into the equine industry by bringing unique new products, materials and ideas.

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