Veterinarian and farrier Britt Conklin shares how doctors are gaining a better understanding of the lameness disorder palmar foot pain—commonly referred to as navicular—and why we’re still years away from having the most effective treatments.


Matteo Bergamini, Modena, Italy

(April 28, 2009) — The 2008 Better Barrel Races World Finals held April 22-26, 2009 at the Oklahoma City Fairgrounds awarded $286,911 in cash, not to mention loads of prizes. Besting 1,458 Open entries was Big Cabin, Oklahoma’s own Tana Poppino and Docs Hickory Cross. The duo earned $3,639 in the Finals, $754 in Qualifying Race No. 1, $1,040 in Qualifying Race No. 2 and additional Adult incentive race dollars to bring their weekend total to well over $5,500.