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Cribbing is a common equine vice that is often considered a nuisance by horse owners, but few realize the medical and practical implications of having a horse that cribs. I asked Dr. Michael Aromando of Town and Country Veterinary Service for his insight on the difficulties of owning a cribbing horse.

Rating is a key component in barrel racing. Your horse’s ability to turn a barrel and perform is directly related to his ability to rate, something that can make or break your winning run. Renowned barrel horse trainer and competitor Dena Kirkpatrick has a few tips for overcoming the everyday problems riders face when correcting the lack of rate in their barrel horse.

Here in East Tennessee, the weather is about as unpredictable as it comes. One day it’s 36 degrees, and the next it’s 75. How do you prepare for that? Well, in order to keep my horse in the best condition I can during the cold months, there are a few things I try to consistently do.