Hometown: Waynesfield, Ohio.

troy crumrine and hoosier famebdMarital Status: Married to Renee; kids: Madison, 9, and Trey, 11.

Favorite TV shows: SportsCenter.

What’s in my iPod: Country.

What I drive: Ford 350.

What I haul: An Elite 6-horse.

Favorite movies: Action packed ones, like Days of Thunder and Top Gun.

Favorite magazines: Barrel Horse News.

Worst habit: Chewing tobacco.

On my office walls: Trophy saddles and big checks from past years.

Other than working with horses, what job would you like to have/try: It would have to be something with speed. Maybe a racecar driver.

First job: Carpenter.

Talent I’d most like to have: Golfer.

Favorite meal: Steak.

Favorite attribute or quality about myself: I’m easygoing.

Least favorite attribute or quality about myself: I’m a little cranky at times.

Favorite saddle: Crumrine Extreme.

Favorite bit: O-ring.

Favorite futurity: Oklahoma City.

Favorite rodeo: NFR.

Heroes: Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, my parents.

What’s on your bucket list: I would like to go oversees some time.

Favorite quality in people/horses: People: Honest and straightforward. Horses: Speed and athleticism.

Least favorite quality in people/horses: People: Someone who talks about other people. Horses: A horse that’s counterfeit. One that makes one good run, and you have to fight them for five or six before they make another.

If you could change anything about the barrel racing industry, what would it be: I would have the 4D’s pay progressive. Last place in the first division should win more than first place in the second division, and so on.


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