You’ve made the smart choice to wear a certified helmet when you ride. The next step is to make sure the helmet fit is right for you – not your best friend, sister or brother.

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The helmet that fits your friend may not be the best for you, even if you look like the same size. Certain helmets fit some head shapes better. Be open to the right one for you. When you go shopping, wear your hair the way you’ll be wearing it when you ride. A ponytail, clips, headband or other styles can change the way a helmet fits.

The helmet should feel snug around the entire head without pressure. Shake your head. If there’s no motion, that’s a good sign that it fits. It should sit level on your head, covering your forehead. The visor’s brim should be about 1 inch (about the width of two fingers) from your eyebrow.

When you buckle and adjust the retention system, the chin strap should fit snugly and you should feel comfortable in your helmet. Wear it around the store. If it gives you a headache, it’s too tight. It should become less noticeable and more comfortable as you wear it.

Key Features Include:

  • Low profile 
  • Bold graphics 
  • Matte Duratec™ finish 
  • SureFit™ Pro fit system 
  • FlipFold™ removable washable headliner with Air-Channel™ technology
  • ASTM/SEI-certified

Helmet Fit in Three Easy Steps


  • Open the DialFit™ if the helmet comes with this feature
  • Try on the helmet. It should fit snug but not be uncomfortable


  • Adjust the inner padding by folding under the FlipFold™ tabs for more or less cushion
  • Adjust the slide glides on the straps to sit underneath your ears to form a “V“
  • Adjust the length of the retention system straps to fit snug under your jaw and use the o-rings to secure the excess
  • To fine tune your fit, engage the DialFit™ or adjust the slider on the elastic bands of the SureFit™


  • With your helmet level on your head, check the fit and straps and make sure the buckle is locked securely
The Rebel Troxel Helmet

Why You Should Choose Troxel

Over 4 million riders have chosen a Troxel helmet to protect themselves. With a safety record second to none, Troxel is the most trusted brand of ASTM/SEI-certified equestrian helmets.

As pioneers in equestrian helmet safety, over 30 years of research and development go into every Troxel helmet available today. Your safety matters.

With built-in comfort features like the SureFit™ Pro system that adjusts to the shape of your head, you’ll see why the Rebel helmet by Troxel has become a favorite.

Take Your Helmet Fit With You

Don’t buy a helmet that’s too big, thinking it will fit next year. You need one that fits well now. Find the helmet meant for you. Download the HELMET FIT GUIDE and let Troxel help you find the helmet that fits you best!


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