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Barrel racing is a timed event, but as quick study of an Interval Timing Report shows, the less time you spend in the turns, the faster your run will be

   Karen Little’s winning run aboard Shezagoldendash at the 2008 World Barrel Racing Production’s Barrelnanza didn’t look as fast as it was. Neither did Sherry Cervi’s second-place run aboard PC Frenchmans Hayday (“Dinero”). But both runs were very smooth, with little hesitation, or “hang ups,” in the turns.

11 Time WPRA World Champion
At the young age of 14, Charmayne James won the title of World Champion Barrel Racer, a title that she continued to hold for the next 10 years.

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With barrel racing being a sport that all ages can enjoy, building a solid horsemanship skill set at a young age is important for any barrel racer’s confidence later. The learning process is just one of those things that never ends. You get motivated to learn at a young age and that enthusiasm and hard work gets you the tools, confidence and power it takes to ride well for a lifetime. It’s a lifelong pursuit, and sometimes people don’t realize just how much goes into barrel racing.