Quincy: Well, it’s a long process for me. I start about a week in advance, and my closet looks like a cyclone hit it. What I sort of do, I pair my outfits to go with stuff that I made that fits in my collection. I keep it new and fresh, but try to maintain a classic, cowboy look, too. At nighttime, I get a little classier sometimes. I’ll put on a dress or a skirt if I don’t have one on, but I like to keep my boots on ‘cause I like to dance!

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BHN: Who are your fashion icons, and why?

QF: Well, growing up, one of my biggest role models was my mom, Sally Freeman. She was always, it felt like, two steps ahead of the fashion curve. She always dressed really different, and she really encouraged me to dress different. She really looked up to my Nana, Rosita Marvel, who also inspired me. As far as designers go, I really look up to Ralph Lauren. He keeps everything really clean and fresh and classy. He manages to reinvent himself year after year, and I really love how he always incorporates a little bit of Western, sort of Native American, in with his designs. Some other designers that I really look up to are Lorinda Van Newkirk and Amy Moorehouse, the owners of Gypsy Soule. I really love their crazy and wild style, and how they’re not afraid to be different. They’re a great example to young girls like me, to not be afraid to dress how you want to dress, and be true to that.


BHN: Where do you draw your inspiration from? Do trips to Vegas ever inspire you you new designs?

QF: Oh yeah, of course, just walking around, seeing all the shops, seeing what people wear and what people like. It all inspires me.


BHN: Do you build your wardrobe around certain key pieces, such as jewelry, or a special pair of boots, or a hat?

QF: Sometimes I do, I think it’s really important to have a few statement pieces that you can always wear. There are some outfits that you’ll buy and you can only wear them one time, but there’s really no fun in that. You buy something like a really cool pair of boots, or a really pretty cuff, or bracelet, necklace; you can mix it with a bunch of different outfits.


BHN: What kind of outfits do you like to wear when you’re competing at a rodeo versus competing at a jackpot?

QF: I think if you’re going to be a cowgirl, you need to dress like a cowgirl all the time. So I always, even when I’m at a jackpot, I wear a long sleeve, collared shirt, button up. I always make sure I’ve got some lipstick on and some earrings.


BHN: You’ve told us in the past that you’re picky about the shape of your cowboy hat. So tell us, what size brim and crown, and what kind of crease do you ask for?

QF: I like a low crown, sort of I guess the bull rider style, I don’t know what you’d call it, a flat top. A 5” brim, which in California you don’t see a lot of 5” brims, but I think the bigger the hat, the smaller the face looks, so that’s probably why I use such a wide brim.


BHN: So you’re done with the barrel race or the rodeo. You take your hat off, what do you do about hat hair? How do you fix yourself up?

QF: Invest in a ton of caps and headbands!


BHN: In one word, how would you describe your style?

QF: Just one? Probably “eclectic.” It’s a little bit of everything.


BHN: Which events do you compete in for Cal Poly San Luis Obispo’s Rodeo Team?

QF: I team rope (header), breakaway rope, tie goats and run barrels.


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