Hailey Kinsel and DM Sissy Hayday win the 2018 Women’s Professional Rodeo Assocation World Champion Barrel Racer title, while Carman Pozzobon and Ripn Lady stayed clean all 10 nights to clinch the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo aggregate championship, and Kylie Weast and Hell On The Red clocked the fastest time of the WNFR to win Round Ten in 13.37.

December 15, 2018 — Las Vegas — Hailey Kinsel claimed the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association’s Barrel Racing World Championship in stellar fashion. Winning four rounds, placing in six rounds and finishing seventh in the aggregate, Kinsel set the single-year earnings record with her $350,700. Kinsel surpassed Lindsay Sears’ record of $323,570, set in 2008. Kinsel came into the WNFR sitting in the No. 1 position in the world with $192,834. Even with a substantial lead over the rest of the pack, anything could happen with a total of $84,615 in prize money up for grabs in each go-round and $253,846 in the aggregate.

The dynamic duo of Kinsel and DM Sissy Hayday found their groove from the get-go, winning the first round and never looking back. All totaled, Kinsel earned $157,865 at the 2018 WNFR. 

Kinsel says she’s proud of her horse and feels blessed for the success she’s had this year. 

“It’s still setting in, but it feels awesome,” Kinsel said. “Sister’s outstanding—she deserves all the credit, and all the glory goes to God. I couldn’t do this without those two factors.”

Carman Pozzobon standing with WNFR Barrel Racing Aggregate Championship saddle at the WNFR
Carman Pozzobon claimed the WNFR Barrel Racing Aggregate Championship. Photo by Springer

The Cotulla, Texas, cowgirl’s 2011 mare by PC Frenchmans Hayday and out of Royal Sissy Irish by Royal Shake Em was the sole earner of all Kinsel’s WNFR money. However, in Round 10  Kinsel’s 14-year-old gelding Thunder Stones (Sticks And Stones x See F Jets Candy x Pines Easter Jet) got the call and turned in a time of 13.95. 

“I was so excited to run [“TJ”] down the alley, and he proved that he deserves to be here,” Kinsel said. “He’s who I filled my permit on and got my feet wet at the rodeos and I wouldn’t be here without him, regardless of how much I won on either horse. He started it for me.”

Carman Pozzobon and Ripn Lady (Frenchs Hula Guy x Bijou Betali x Eli Betastreak) made another clean trip through the cloverleaf to claim the WNFR Barrel Racing Aggregate Championship with a combined time of 139.46 on 10 runs. Pozzobon was the only cowgirl to make 10 clean runs. She saved the best for last, finishing third in Round 10 with a 13.68 to secure the aggregate title.

The Aldergrove, British Columbia, Canada, native earned $67,269 for the aggregate and $15,654 for the 10th-round placing for a total $117,885 in WNFR earnings. Those earnings boosted Pozzobon from 15th in the WPRA world standings to fourth. 

Kylie Weast standing with fastest time of the WNFR saddle
Kylie Weast and Hell On The Red claimed the fastest time of the WNFR, a 13.37, to win Round 10. Photo by Springer

Pozzobon says her goal was not to win the aggregate, but as the Finals progressed, she saw it might be a possibility. 

“I was just coming in here to soak up the NFR, and it worked out well,” Pozzobon said with a laugh. “When I was sitting in the top five [in the average] I thought I had a chance, and I just kept on making clean runs and that was what my goal was—to get around the barrels all 10 rounds.”

Kylie Weast took Round 10 with a 13.37—the fastest time of the WNFR—aboard Hell On The Red (JL Dash Ta Heaven x Designer Ruby x Designer Red). Weast and “Reddy” earned $71,769 in total WNFR earnings to finish 12th in the aggregate and 10th in the WPRA world standings.

Jessica Routier standing with Reserve World Champion Barrel Racing saddle at WNFR
2018 WPRA Reserve World Champion Barrel Racer Jessica Routier. Photo by Springer

“It was a long time coming,” Weast said. “We had an up and down week, but I knew she had it in her and we were just waiting for the right time and it finally worked out. I knew I needed to ride her a little harder tonight—I backed off a bit last night. It’s a long 10 days in Vegas—you’re really tired with all of the obligations—but I think for my first NFR, I’m going to call it a win.”

Jessica Routier and Gary Westergren’s mare Fiery Miss West (Firewater Frenchman x Frenchmas Bo Dashus) took home the WPRA Barrel Racing Reserve World Championship with $251,704.23 in season earnings. She moved from eigth in the world to second during her trip to WNFR.

Round Ten:

1. Kylie Weast, Hell On The Red, 13.37, $26,231
2. Amberleigh Moore, CP Dark Moon, 13.65, $20,731
3. Carman Pozzobon, Ripn Lady, 13.68, $15,654
4. Jessica Routier, Fiery Miss West, 13.73, $11,000
5. Taci Bettis, Bogie Is A Smash, 13.74, $6,769
6. Ivy Conrado, KN Fabs Gift Of Fame, 13.79, $4,231
7. Stevi Hillman, Slick By Design, 13.86
8. Jessie Telford, Famous Cool Whip, 13.92
9. Hailey Kinsel, Thunder Stones, 13.95
10. Kelly Bruner, Fabulous Zone, 14.01
11. Tammy Fischer, LK Sheza Hayday, 14.12
12. Tracy Nowlin, DJG Madison, 18.66*
13. Nellie Miller, Rafter W Minnie Reba, 18.85*
14. Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi, Babe On The Chase, 19.24*
15. Lisa Lockhart, Rosas Cantina CC, 28.62***
*denotes penalty

Aggregate on Ten Runs:

1. Carman Pozzobon, 139.46, $67,269
2. Jessica Routier, 142.60, $54,577
3. Jessie Telford, 143.13, $43,154
4. Stevi Hillman, 143.84, $31,731
5. Tammy Fischer, 144.64, $22,846
6. Amberleigh Moore, 146.71, $16,500
7. Hailey Kinsel, 147.61, $11,423
8. Ivy Conrado, 148.30, $6,346
9. Taci Bettis, 152.38
10. Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi, 154.40
11. Nellie Miller, 154.49
12. Kylie Weast, 157.66
13. Lisa Lockhart, 163.10
14. Tracy Nowlin, 183.19
15. Kelly Bruner, 130.82 on eight runs

Final 2018 WPRA World Standings

1. Hailey Kinsel, $350,699.83
2. Jessica Routier, $251,704.23
3. Amberleigh Moore, $246,357.41
4. Carman Pozzobon, $204,831.21
5. Jessie Telford, $201,572.72
6. Ivy Conrado, $196,385.48
7. Taci Bettis, $191,538.13
8. Nellie Miller, $188,133.65
9. Stevi Hillman, $184,751.08
10. Kylie Weast, $173,484.23
11. Lisa Lockhart, $170,745.96
12. Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi, $162,920.38
13. Tammy Fischer, $130,892.13
14. Kelly Bruner, $129,707.70
15. Tracy Nowlin, $116,149.64


Kailey Sullins is editor of Barrel Horse News, and an avid barrel racer and breakaway roper. Email comments or questions to [email protected]

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