Dr. Lewis talks about horses that bleed from their nose, EIPH, when they are running and has been around for longer and more common than you might think.


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  1. Tiffany long Reply

    Have mare that sometimes bleeds from her noise, but not all time

  2. I never had a problem running my horse in Colorado and being in the 1D. I moved to Texas for a year and my horse bled. I moved back to Colorado and he was fine. I now live in Indiana and my horse quit running . He finally showed blood. I had him scoped and sure enough he is a bleeder. I run on Lasix. It took a while for him to trust his breathing again. I am very picky about where and how much he runs. He does well on 2ccs. He gets electrolytes as well. I feel the benifits out weigh the negatives of Lasix. However, management is Key!

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