Katie Pascoe
There are so many variables in our sport, and even more when you add in the rodeo atmosphere. I have worked really hard at not letting myself be negatively affected by anything. It’s really easy to make excuses and complain, but I have found that the better I have gotten at keeping a positive attitude and only focusing on doing my job, the more success I have had.

Sarah McDonald
A major key to being successful is not giving up when everything is going wrong, being open to learning and working hard to get better, and then capitalizing when the odds are in your favor and making it happen.

Ivy Conrado
Visualization. Always visualize the run you want to make. And I believe in karma, so if you see someone struggling, help. Help people carry their buckets, help them hook their rig up, if a horse gets loose, go catch it. Those kind of things come around, always.


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