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is partnering with companies to provide special Gift Bags to be awarded to

  • The top 15 barrel racers competeting at the WNFR in Las Vegas
  • Top 20 Barrel Futurities of America (BFA) Derby Finalists competing in Oklahoma City
  • Top 20 BFA Amateur & Youth Futurity Finalists
  • Top 50 BFA Futurity Finalists in Oklahoma
  • A total of 105 Gift Bags will be awarded to all Finalists

Join outstanding companies such as Anicell Biotech, Farnam, Thunder Mountain Minerals, Animal Health Solutions, Kentucky Equine Research, Noble Equine, Banixx, Spurr’s Big Fix, Response Products, Signal-Health, and Classic Equine to help show appreciation to our Barrel Racers for their hard work and accomplishments.

Please Contact Donna Johnston by September 1st for more information and to participate in the 2017 Gift Bags.

[email protected]

Participation Deadline: October 1st, 2017

Thank you to the following NFR/ BFA Gift Bag Sponsors!!

Farnam – Red Cell Recovery Paste and Lactanase

Farnam 2

Response Products
– Cetyl M Joint Action Formula


AniCell Biotech
– Coupon for AlloMotion Stem Cell Treatment

Anicell 2

Animal Health Solutions
– Equerry’s Plus


– Gift Certificate for product

Signal health

Noble Equine
– Boot Socks and hunt knife


Equibrand/Classic Equine
– Accessory Tote


Spurr’s Big Fix
– Antiseptic Spray and Lotion


Banixx Wound and Hoof Care
– Wound care spray


Thunder Mountain Minerals
– Mineral supplement


Kentucky Equine Research
– Race Recovery Paste




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