To help ease AQHA Select exhibitors’ minds and proactively help professionals and exhibitors make educated decisions, the AQHA Executive Committee today opted to lower qualifying points for the Adequan Select World Championship Show. The decision to lower the points was a result of the timing of the May 31 qualifying deadline for the Adequan Select and the recently reported cases of equine herpesvirus-1 myeloencephalopathy in the western United States. The Adequan Select is August 28 – September 3 in Amarillo.

Since first learning of the recent cases of EHV-1, AQHA has received numerous phone calls from trainers, exhibitors and show managers primarily from states that have confirmed cases of EHV-1 or border states that have confirmed cases. Several show managers have either voluntarily canceled or are considering cancellation of their shows this weekend, and some exhibitors have expressed their reluctance to move their horses out of concern of potentially exposing them to EHV-1.


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