bhndecember2010cover_noboxBHN was awarded top honors in several other categories, as well. Managing Editor Breanne Hill captured the coveted Merial Human-Animal Bond Award, the highest individual award to be given, for her article “Charmayne James and Gills Bay Boy,” in December of 2010, highlighting the greatest barrel racing team of all time.

Associate Editor Michael Mahaffey and Editor Bonnie Wheatley received first place in the Service To The Reader Series category with their multi-part exploration “Inside The Futurity Industry,” included in BHN’s August-November editions.

Photographer Megan Parks took second place in the Editorial Human-Animal Bond Photograph Category for her capture of “The Icons: Charmayne And Scamper” in December of 2010.

Michael Mahaffey was also awarded third place in the category of Instructional Single Article with “The Two-Step Teardrop Turn” in the March 2010 edition. In the category of Horse Care, Annie Lambert took third place with her article “Lose The Shoes?”

Additionally, BHN took several honorable mentions in storytelling and design; categories follow as listed.

•    Personality Profile Circulation Over 20,000, “The Reemergence of Rosie”, by Breanne Hill, March 2010.
•    Magazine Cover Page Circulation Over 20,000, “Dash Ta Fame”, Brandon Guidry, Designer, September 2010.
•    Editorial Design Circulation Over 20,000, “2010 Holiday Gift Guide”, Brandon Guidry, Designer, November 2010.

Overall, Barrel Horse News was awarded nine different honors at the American Horse Publications Awards Ceremony.


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