bfa logo webPresident Charles Brock and other members of the Board welcomed Leslie Willis, of Chester, S.C., and Louis Fincher, of Mosheim, Tenn., to the Board.  

The Board also reviewed the BFA rulebook regarding abuse. Referring to several other associations’ rulebooks and revising the wording to comply with barrel racing, the Board has adopted a ZERO TOLERANCE policy toward animal abuse and strengthened its authority to review and enforce this rule. The fine scale for minor and major rule violations has been changed, with minor rule violation fines to range from $10 to $500 and major rule violation fines to range from $500 to $5,000. Each incident will be subject to Board review.

The Board is submitting the rules for legal review and will include the new rules in the revised rulebook and post them on the BFA website,

Going Big Time Sale Company, owned by Danny and Darla Ray, received a three-year extension on the BFA Horse Sale contract. Under the supervision of Going Big Time, the BFA sale has realized a $500,000 increase in gross sales since 2003. The 2010 sale posted record-breaking averages for the top 5 and top 10 sellers.

Prospective consignors need to prepare for a SELECT BFA horse sale, meaning paperwork, photos and horses should be exceptional, not just acceptable. Victory Farms/Going Big Time Sales will continue to sponsor the $10,000 4D Open Barrel Race at the BFA World Championships.

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