The rodeo world lost one of its greatest producers and friends with the passing of Bobby “Booger” Barter, who passed away Tuesday, Dec. 8 at his home in Athens, Texas.

One of the most innovative producers in the roping and barrel racing industries, Booger did everything on a grand scale. From his truck ropings and barrel racings, Booger put some of the most beautiful prizes and largest checks in the hands of the barrel racing and team roping populace.

Sadly, some of the greatest barrel racing and team roping events will pass on into to legend with this great man.
A man of great stature in body and spirit, Booger Barter will be greatly missed by all who know him and had the privilege of entering one of his great events.

We know many of you had plans to attend the upcoming barrel race and team roping in Glen Rose, Texas. Those events have been cancelled, and World Barrel Racing and World Team Roping have ceased to exist as of today. Please give Booger’s family time to morn their loss. All financial responsibilities of those events and WBR memberships will be taken care of in due course.


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