kelly 4 shoesBSI is using the power of Facebook to bring attention to
the problem of animal over-population, as well as getting people to consider adoption verses
other means of finding a new pet. Fans of the COLDFLEX® page are encouraged to “share”
the adoption posts with all of their Facebook friends, therefore placing the faces of the
homeless animals in front of millions of Facebook viewers who would not have seen them
otherwise, giving these homeless pets a far greater chance of finding a “fur-ever” home.
BSI says that so far, the results have been very encouraging and COLDFLEX® fans
are very supportive. According to Robyn Rupp, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at BSI,
“At the beginning of each week, we see many of the pets from the previous week, already in
new homes, but unfortunately, there are always new faces to replace them and it can seem
like an daunting task.”
BSI also has plans to financially support legitimate animals shelters and rescues. “We
are currently designing a new COLDFLEX® package, specifically for the campaign and
backed by Barrel Racer, Nicole Aichele, that will be sold only on Facebook, with a portion of
the proceeds going directly to legitimate shelters and rescues. We have also united with an
artist in Boston, MA who uses recycled horseshoes to create art. She accepts special orders
from people who ship her their horse’s shoe, perhaps worn in a winning event, and then turns
them into memorabilia art. The artist says many people also send her the shoes of horse that
have recently passed, so she can create a beautiful and permanent way to remember that
special friend.” BSI seems thrilled to be able to give a large portion of the proceeds from all
items sold in the Coldflex Facebook store to the BSI shelter and rescue fund.
To help support the COLDFLEX® Sharing is Caring Campaign, go to and “Like” the page. Then, if you are not able to adopt, simply
clicking and sharing the posts will be helping to save lives! For further information, please
contact BSI.
Email: [email protected]
Toll-Free: 1-888-274-5444


Email comments or questions to [email protected]

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