PR CEFanBagClassic Equine Fan Bag It’s a Breeze
A better way to keep horses Cool

Anybody who has hauled and stalled horses has faced the same dilemma. The weather is hot and the horses need a breeze, but hanging that box fan in the stall poses no small problem.

Say goodbye to the baler twine and hello to a new innovation. Classic Equine introduces, new for 2016, a way to cool your horses that’s as easy as hanging up a haybag. The Fan Bag fits a standard box fan and contains straps to easily and quickly mount it to any stall. It is made of tough nylon to stand up to abuse and will not inhibit airflow. Keeping horses cool is a breze! 

 To Boldly Go…
Travel on your terms

Equine-related travel can be difficult at best. Forgetting equipment and accessories is not an option. Trailer space is precious, and storage is always limited. Finding a system that accommodates your needs is tough, but finding one that also touches on your individual style? Sometimes it seems impossible.

PR CEWeekendDfClassic Equine Travel CollectionThis is why Classic Equine designed their Travel Collection. This ingenious line of storage accessories is perfected for the rodeo road. The folks at Classic Equine developed this line to fit the needs of most any competitor. They understand the way you travel. You need a hands-free solution to carrying your iPad or laptop, notebook and jacket while you listen to tunes and load the trailer, so they created the iPad Pack. You need a low-profile place to keep your camera and draw sheets clean, but you still need two hands to lead your horse, carry buckets, or ride. Classic Equine created the sling pack. For the trailer, you need ample storage with plenty of compartments for sorting gear, a place to keep your muddy boots separate, and a case for toiletries, while taking up as little space in the truck or trailer as possible. For this need, the Weekender Duffel fits perfectly.

You demand more, however. You want something that fits your style, personality, and flair. Classic Equine delivers once again. In addition to the styles and colors already available, Classic Equine proudly introduces two new designs: Coral Knights and Teal Diamonds. This stylish addition is certain to get you noticed.

Designer Accessories
Limited edition prints bring a splash of Color
PR CEChocTribalClassic Equine Accessories

Classic Equine has a reputation for bringing inventive products to help you stay organized and efficient at the barn and on the road.

The Boot/Accessory Tote is designed to carry everything you need at an event conveniently in one bag. The Necessity, Hanging Groom Case, and Topload Hay Bag all hang on the fence, wall, or trailer door and help you with your daily chores. These handy accessories are now available in three new designs: Coral Knights, Chocolate Tribal, and Plum Daze. You can also choose the Topload Hay bag in Plaid Red.

The Large Tote was wildly popular last year, with enough space to keep you prepared for any situation. The Weekender Duffel is a convenient travel bag designed specifically for the equine traveler. Don’t leave home without your IPad Pack, a handy sling-style backpack for carrying your electronics hands-free. These are available in Coral Knight and Teal Diamond patterns.

Classic Equine strives to improve efficiency at the barn while keeping current with the hottest designs and colors. Don’t miss these new designs for 2016! You’re certain to find one that fits you, or get one of each. These prints display your fun side, while the accessories help you spend less time in preparation and more time in the saddle. 

PR CELegacysClassic Equine New Legacy BootsA Colorful Legacy
Making your Legacy a fashionable one

Since 1994, countless riders across numerous disciplines have counted on the Legacy System to help protect their Equine Athletes and keep them running their best. Legacy has been a part of many successes, from ropers to barrel racers and every sport in between.

The Legacy System, by Classic Equine provides superior protection for the serious competitor. Its patented design “cradles” the fetlock, drawing its inspiration from the horse’s own support system, allowing for natural motion and support. The Legacy is breathable, lightweight, and flexible, mirroring the critical support systems of the fetlock, with added support to help safeguard against injury and strain. Classic Equine maintains their dedication to providing the best products that the customer wants. True to this expectation, new for 2016 they are proud to introduce the Legacy System in Zebra Colorburst, and also in Teal, to meet customer demand!

Colorful DynoHyde™
New patterns now available in Dy-NoTurn™ Boots
PR CEDynoDLClassic Equine Dy-no Turn Boots

Your favorite boots just received an upgrade. Dy-noTurn™ bell boots from Classic Equine, are now available in four new selections. These boots have been the first choice of equestrians in almost every discipline, helping protect countless horses against overreaching and clipping injuries. These trusted boots are now available in four new styles, fresh for 2016.

Dy-No Turn Boots are tested and proven to be tough, effective, and colorfast. They conform to the horse’s foot well, with just the right amount of flexibility and comfort. This is still true of the three Designer Line Patterns added to the Dy-No Turn collection! Look for “Chocolate Tribal,” “Zebra Purple,” and “Purple Peacock” for your newest designs. Also introduced is “Teal” to match the new Legacy Boot. These bold, bright designs offer the same protection and comfort with extra appeal.


Classic Equine remains dedicated to providing the finest equipment available across all disciplines and levels of horsemanship. To check out the new Steel Gray and Designer Dy-No Turn designs, and see what else is new for 2016, visit


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