“I’ve been using Formula 707 since the 1970s, back in my early Quarter Horse days,” Lukas said. “We had a lot of good horses and they were all on Daily Essentials. Over the years after trying a variety of products we settled in on 707 because I thought it gave us the best results. It’s just that simple.”

 “We’re thrilled that someone of Wayne’s caliber and reputation has agreed to endorse our products,” said Melanie Luark, president of the John Ewing Company, which manufactures Formula 707 Daily Essentials in addition to a full line of Formula 707 products. “Our founder John Ewing developed Formula 707 Conditioner (now called Daily Essentials) over 50 years ago and tested it on his own Thoroughbred race horses. He would be pleased to see it stand the test of time.”

 Wayne Lukas’ racing resume is an almost unbelievable list of accomplishments. In addition to 23 World Champion Quarter Horses, he has had 24 world champion thoroughbred horses.  He has won the Kentucky Derby four times, the Preakness Stakes on five occasions and the Belmont Stakes four times. The Lukas stable has won an astonishing 19 World Championship Breeders Cup Races which is more than any other trainer. Lukas is the only horse trainer to be inducted into both the Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse Hall of Fame.

 Consistent quality has kept D. Wayne Lukas sold on Formula 707. “Formula 707 gives us good results day in and day out,” said Lukas. “Over the years we have had the opportunity to try literally hundreds of products, but have found the quality of Formula 707 is unequaled. We use them extensively because they do what they’re supposed to do.”

 In the Lukas stable, each of the 75-plus horses in training receives what it needs based on weight and condition, beginning with Formula 707 Daily Essentials which is hand-mixed and fed to each horse daily. Those horses losing condition due to stomach or ulcer problems are also supplemented with Formula 707 Gastro Essentials.

 For his horses in intense competition, Lukas implements a more rigorous nutritional regimen that includes Formula 707 Restore to help maintain electrolyte balance and Formula 707 Competition Essentials for extra pulmonary support. He is also enthusiastic about Formula 707 Poultice: “We tried a sample on two horses that were having a little inflammation problem and found that we had better results than with any other product. We now use it daily.”

 Lukas currently has two horses qualified for the 139th running of the Kentucky Derby. Will Take Charge, the current points leader, is an almost certain shoe-in.

“We’ll be there on Derby Day,” Luark said. “And you know who we’ll be rooting for.”

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