NEGLEY, OHIO—On August 2, 2013 at 8:00 p.m. fans of the Off the Track Thoroughbred (OTTB) will have the chance to see live the selected horses and trainers for this competition, watch the advanced horsemanship unfold, demos of other successful OTTB’s and enjoy Country Music Singer, Melanie May and The Hillbury’s Band.  During the 100 days preceding the Event, fans can follow the trainers and horses through the Dreaming of Three website, blog, Social Media, TV, Radio and print.

“A dream written down with a date becomes a Goal.  A Goal broken down into Steps becomes a Plan.  A Plan backed by Action makes your Dreams come True” ~ Greg S. Reid

All has come together for the Extreme Retired Racehorse Makeover Barrel Race.  Dreaming of Three’s Founder, Jackie Harris, had a dream of a barrel race to help showcase and retrain OTTB’s,  she selected a date, then the goal, steps and plan were put into place.  There were so many that shared her dream and many volunteers, family, friends and Team DO3 members have brought the dream to a reality.  Over approximately 100 days, the OTTB’s will begin their new careers off the track.  They will be retrained by the skilled trainers who were carefully selected for this Event.   Part reality television, part Extreme Mustang Makeover and Steuart Pittman’s successful 100 Day Challenge, this Event has gained much momentum over the last few months with excited and anxious followers. Jackie consulted with Steuart and many Mustang Makeover contestants to devise this Event.

During the Event, the selected judges will judge a fun Freestyle portion.  Storme Camarillo will represent the Barrel Racing Industry, Haley Goodwill will represent the Eventing Industry and Patrick King will represent the Natural Horsemanship Industry. Each of the trainers will complete some basic maneuvers during their freestyle portion.   Patrick King said, “This is sure to be a fantastic event that will not only represent the talent of the trainers involved, but also the cross-trainability of these wonderful horses in preparation for a new career.  I am excited to be a part of this great event and look forward to seeing the high quality of horsemanship that the competitors are sure to bring to the arena.”

The applications were received from states all across the U.S.  Many trainers wanted to help showcase the versatility of OTTB, not because they thought someone’s watching, but to help a great cause.

“I am so excited!  100 days of hard work ahead.  I am so ready to showcase the OTTB’s with their amazing talent off the track.  I am honored to be a part of this challenge”, comments Tara Jones one of the selected trainers from Telford, Pa.

Dreaming of Three is extremely excited to have the support of Purina Horse Feeds & Agland Co-op along with all the other wonderful sponsors that want to help showcase the versatility of the retired racehorse.   The proceeds from this Event will benefit CANTER and Bright Futures Farm, both OTTB Rescues.  You can read more about the selected trainers at


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