“Entries are below our expectations to say the least,” says general manager Sheridan Cummings, “but we’re still giving out $87,000 in Guaranteed cash between the two races, plus all of our fabulous prizes, regardless of how many entries we have. As it stands right now, those currently entered in the Warm-Up race have a 1-in-7 chance at winning a check and a 1-in-4 chance in the Main Race. The odds of winning aren’t this good in Las Vegas.”

Entries will be taken on site with no late fees until two hours prior to the start of each section. Faxed entries will be accepted until 9 a.m. Friday, Sept. 3 at (972) 947-3113.

Due to the recent theft of a barrel horse from Hardy Murphy complex during a barrel race, Elite Barrel Racing will be providing extra security during the event.

“Your horses will be safe, and your odds of going home with a check are great,” Cummings says. “Come join us for some safe, family fun.”

For more information, please visit elitebarrelracing.com or call (877)933-3277.


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