Over the course of a two-day Walkabout Tour, Clinton works with four local horses to address these training topics:

  1. The hard-to-catch horse.
  2. The pushy, disrespectful horse on the ground and under saddle. This is the horse that bites, runs his handler over while being led, bolts under saddle, bucks, kicks out, etc.
  3. The spooky horse that’s scared of objects like fly spray, plastic bags, clippers, his own shadow, etc.
  4. The horse that is terrified of the trailer and refuses to get within 100 yards of it.


Downunder Horsemanship is on the search to find horses 10 years of age or younger to star in these demos. If you live in the area of a Walkabout Tour, visit the Downunder Horsemanship website to learn more about becoming a demo horse owner and submit an application for Clinton to work with your horse http://www.downunderhorsemanship.com/events.aspx. (Please note that only selected applicants will be contacted.)


The 2014 Walkabout Tour is coming to:

January 18-19 – Franklin, TN

March 22-23 – Lufkin, TX

May 17-18 – St. Paul, MN

June 14-15 – Albany, NY

July 19-20 – Las Vegas, NV

August 2-3 – Topeka, KS

August 23-24 – Columbus, OH

September 13-14 – Nampa, ID

October 11-12 – Williamston, NC

About Clinton Anderson and Downunder Horsemanship

Clinton Anderson is a clinician, horse trainer and competitor. He’s dedicated his life to helping others realize their horsemanship dreams and keeping them inspired to achieve their goals. The Downunder Horsemanship method of horse training is based on mutual respect and understanding and gives horse owners the knowledge needed to become skilled horsemen and train their horses to be consistent and willing partners. Clinton instructs horsemanship clinics, presents Walkabout Tours across the country, produces a television show, hosts an internet TV website and is constantly creating comprehensive study kits and training tools to make learning horsemanship as accessible and easy as possible. Discover for yourself how Clinton and the Method can help you achieve your horsemanship dreams at www.downunderhorsemanship.com.


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