By Mary Ellen Hickman, Future Fortunes executive board JuvenileSireSlots Champion2016 webCfour DarkPatchPatsy and rider Brandon Cullins won the Future Fortunes Juvenile Sire Slot for $25,000 at the 2016 Barrel Futurities of America World Championships. Cfour DarkPatchPatsy is owned by Robin Weaver and sired by Darkelly. Photo by Kenneth Springer.

January 5, 2017 — Future Fortunes has always been willing to try new things. When we introduced the open 4D into our Bonus Money program, it was met with controversy. Stallions dropped from the program. Breeders said they would never enroll another horse in Future Fortunes. At that time, we paid out $100,000. The 2017 payout will be more than $820,000 in cash at 66 events. We survived the open division controversy, even when some were sure it would destroy us.

The Future Fortunes stallion waiting list, while it was an asset in creating our program, has turned into a liability. Future Fortunes currently has 270 stallions enrolled in the program for 2017. We are still stuck on the 2010 waiting list with more than 150 stallions. Unless we added a significant number of new stallions, the chance for an owner to get their stallion into Future Fortunes was low. The cloud of doubt over how the waiting list worked questioned the integrity of our program.

Doing away with the waiting list will eliminate any question. There are no changes for currently enrolled stallions. New stallion owners will be allowed to nominate their stallion by downloading an enrollment form for new stallions only on our website. Nominations for new stallions will be accepted from March 15 to May 15 each year prior to the year of enrollment. Stallion reports from a breed association showing a minimum of 25 mares covered—not per year or registered foals—along with a $500 nomination fee should be included. The balance of $2300 will be due September 15 of the year prior to enrollment.

Future Fortunes was created to help the barrel racing industry. This goal has never changed. It has governed every decision we ever made. Future Fortunes is successful because of the amazing people involved in this program—owners, breeders, stallion owners, riders and show producers. In 2003, our slogan was “The sky is the limit!” We still believe this. Join us as we continue to move forward. By working together, we could pay out $1 million in one year. Yes, the sky is still the limit.

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