Priefert Complex Designs’ personnel have over 35 years of combined experience in building design and construction management of a wide range of facility types. Elements of the work program will include initial site planning; master planning; architectural layout; stall /equipment layout and design; structural and architectural engineering. Some of the firm’s more notable projects include participation in upgrading facilities at the Will Rogers Multipurpose Event Center, Fort Worth, Texas; master planning for the Archer Events Center in Cheyenne, Wyoming; equipping Fiesta Days Rodeo Arena, Spanish Fork, Utah; master planning and design for both Stanley Fairgrounds, Estes Park and the rodeo grounds at Steamboat Springs, Colorado. In addition, PCD did extensive planning, coordination and consulting for the newly completed multi-million dollar equestrian facility at Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas.

“We are excited to be starting on the planning and design steps for the equestrian complex itself,” said Ernest Bleinberger of Strategy 5 LLC, the Master Developer for the Horse Station. “We’ve been necessarily focused on other foundation steps in the overall project development such as rezoning, subdividing commercial lots, preparing for the construction of infrastructure, and moving forward with the marketing and sales effort for property sales. Now we’re ready to have some fun, although the critical importance of designing the equine facilities to the highest professional level can’t be overstated.”

Priefert Complex Designs’ General Manager Glen Calvert and Sales Director David Fillebrown have scheduled a kick-off trip for August 9th, and will begin the on-site analysis, gathering of input, and in-depth discussions with development team members at that time. The planning and design process will also include the administration of a User Group Survey by Strategy 5 LLC, to professional rodeo organizations, members of the Idaho, Utah and Wyoming Horse Councils, the American Horse Council, amateur and non-profit horse sports groups, therapeutic riding practioners, and more. “It is important to include real-time market information in the design process,” added Bleinberger. “You can’t just guess, or rely on the experience of a few disciplines in the equine industry. This has got to be a destination for all types of horse sports and other activities, and we are relying on Priefert Complex Designs to help us achieve that goal.”

Priefert Complex Designs was one of fourteen companies that responded to a Request for Proposals issued by the developers. 

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Ernest Bleinberger

Master Developer

The Horse Station at Cache Valley

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