Young shared barrel racing tips with Chris, and Chris shared how to get more responsive flex.  Watch the upcoming episode to see Chris take one of his horses around the barrels, then see the difference as he got on one of Young’s highly trained barrel racing horses. 

Among the tips are:  flex in your horse, use of hands and legs, best pattern placement for effective turns, and keeping your horse wanting to run and win.

About Kay Young
Kay Young has been riding her entire life, and began competing at the professional level at age 12. A member of several organizations, Young has sat on the board of Barrel Futurities of America since the inception of the organization. Additionally, Young served as Vice President and President of the GRA/WPRA. As president, she promoted barrel racing to rodeo committees and sought recognition for it as a standard event and lobbied for increased purses.

Young made seven trips to the National Finals Rodeo and competed on five horses at the finals. She has held barrel racing clinics throughout the United States and Brazil. Annually, Young works with and trains more than 75 horses on her ranch in Overbrook, Okla. A true testament to Young’s dedication, she insists on riding each horse in every clinic she hosts. In the barrel racing industry, she is known not only for her countless awards and titles, but also for her passion of the sport, her patience in training, and her role as a mentor to many women.

Kay Young was inducted into the National Cowgirl Museum in 2009.

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