Working in partnership with the American Quarter Horse Association, 6666 Ranch was selected for their exemplary equine breeding program, outstanding performance record and a long history of tradition and excellence.

Each year, a notable Quarter Horse ranch is invited to provide the Road to the Horse remuda of 10 three-year-old geldings for the World Championship of Colt Starting. Working hand-in-hand with the American Quarter Horse Association, Road to the Horse owner and producer Tootie Bland and Boss Wrangler Adam Tarpley carefully consider each ranch’s breeding program and husbandry record before making a final selection.

“Our boss wrangler, Adam, asked me what ranch would be #1 on my wish list if I could have the remuda from any ranch,” Bland said. “My immediate answer was the 6666s. He said ‘Okay, then let’s call them,’ and then just took it and ran with it. I couldn’t be more elated to be getting the remuda of my dreams in the same year as the three biggest clinicians of our time.”

The 6666s initiated their Quarter Horse breeding program in the 1960s, carefully breeding for cow sense, speed, gentle disposition and confirmation. Standing the most highly regarded stallions in the equine industry, 6666s ranch claims that much of their success rests squarely with a band of over 100 top-notch broodmares.

Focusing on certain “mare families” that are proven to deliver desirable traits to their offspring has provided several predominant broodmare groups. Matching proven maternal genetics with the industry’s leading cutting, reining, ranch and all-around performance producers, 6666 Ranch has created fail-proof system for success.

6666s keep many of their foals for later use on the ranch or in the breeding program. The geldings selected for the Road to the Horse Remuda will come from a group of horses chosen to remain at the 6666s with the eligibility of being included in the cowboy string. Helping manage the Black Angus cow/calf operation that includes 7,000 mother cows, the cowboy string is an integral part of 6666 Ranch.

“On the male side of production, we will select a few stallion prospects and then pick ranch remuda horses,” says Glen Blodgett, DVM, of the 6666s horse division. “These geldings are not from one particular sire line, but are a good mixture of performance breeding. For Road to the Horse, we will pick the best representation and cross section of 6666s raised horses.”

The sires of the Road to the Horse remuda will include:
Sixes Pick – 1998 Sorrel Stallion by Tanqueray Gin out of Natural Pick by Tenino Badger
Paddy’s Irish Whiskey – 1991 Bay Stallion by Peppy San Badger out of Doc’s Starlight by Doc Bar
Playboy’s Buck Fever – 1999 Bucksin Stallion by Freckles Playboy out of Tsarina Chexinic by Reminic
Seven From Heaven – 1999 Gray Stallion by Playgun out Peppys From Heaven by Peppy San Badger
Playin Attraction – 2002 Sorrel Stallion by Playin Stylist out of Ginnin Attraction by Tanquery Gin

These stallions, along with nearly 20 others standing at 6666 Ranch, sire around 125 foals each year at 6666s alone. While some are kept at 6666s, others are trained for compeition or consigned to sales such as The Return to the Remuda Sale.

The Return to the Remuda Sale, put on by 6666 Ranch, Beggs Cattle Co., Pitchfork Land & Cattle Co., and Tongue River Ranch, auctions 125-150 horses, including weanlings, yearlings, two-year-olds, stallion prospects and aged geldings, each year. For a sneak-peak of the bloodlines that will compose the Road to the Horse Remuda, check out the sale hosted at the 6666 Ranch in Guthrie, Texas, on Sept. 25, 2011. For more information on 6666 Ranch and the Return to the Remuda Sale, visit


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