digess_photo4tmweb“We think of all our products as the essential tools knowledgeable horse men and women use to maintain peak health and condition in their animals,” said Melanie Luark, John Ewing Company president and CEO. “Digestive Essentials contains just what horses need to help maintain microorganisms in the gut and allow them to digest food effectively.”

In order to digest the insoluble carbohydrates in a fibrous diet, horses have evolved a digestive tract with an enlarged pouch called a cecum. Most soluble carbohydrates are absorbed in the small intestine, but insoluble carbohydrates, which are not so easily digested, are passed into the cecum where beneficial microorganisms help break down the fibrous plant materials, so horses can use the energy in them. This is where Digestive Essentials works to balance healthy digestion.

According to Luark, Formula 707 Digestive Essentials is superior to other probiotics because it has a larger colony count per serving, microencapsulated bacteria for easier absorption, viable yeast cells and supplemental enzymes.

“Sometimes when horses being transported, or experiencing a change in feed or housing, they need to re-flourish bacteria in the gut to insure healthy digestion,” Luark said.

Digestive Essentials is also beneficial for horses that have had a course of antibiotics, as well as for bred mares during gestation, she said.

Formula 707 Digestive Essentials should begin appearing on dealers’ shelves soon. For more information, call the John Ewing Company at (800) 525-8601, or visit online at Formula707.com.


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