“Giving Back” to the Western industry as it has been so “Giving” and supportive of us. 

In celebration of their 5 year anniversary, Seventeenflat.com, Inc. is showing their appreciation by offering their ORIGINAL POP-Up Barrels ™ at the ORIGINAL sale price of $139.99.  These Award-Winning, quality red and white barrels have been field tested for 5 years and the new and improved barrels carry a Satisfaction Guarantee.  

This tough economy has not been selective or prejudice and has affected each of us in different ways.  Gas prices alone have made it difficult to live the lifestyle that we have grown accustomed to.  We are hoping by offering a discounted price during these times, we are “giving to others”, the gift of a convenient and even more affordable way for our customers to continue practicing their barrel racing skills.

In addition to this, Seventeenflat.com, Inc. has entered into a partnership with the western industry’s Tough Enough To Wear Pink™ initiative. Beginning in October, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, they will be donating a portion of their sales to breast cancer research. 


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