The NASC is a non-profit industry group dedicated to protecting and enhancing the health of
companion animals and horses throughout the US. All products carrying the NASC seal go through a
rigorous approval process ensuring that quality production and labeling standards are met. Silver
Lining Herbs was recognized with the Visibility Award for the company’s efforts in supporting the
mission of the NASC. Silver Lining Herbs works diligently to produce the highest quality product while
educating customers and distributors on the benefits of buying products with the NASC quality seal.
Shayna Young, CEO of Silver Lining Herbs, said their entire team is honored to have received the
award. “We are thrilled to be recognized for our efforts! We believe that the NASC program and seal
are so important for supplement products and the consumer. We work hard to educate our customers
on exactly what the NASC seal means for them and for their animals. We want our customers to
know that by buying Silver Lining products with the NASC seal, they are getting the best of the best
for their dogs and horses.”
Silver Lining Herbs is an industry leader in natural herbal support for horses and dogs. This familyowned
company has a passion for helping their customers provide optimum care for their animals –
both for health and performance. Silver Lining Herbs sponsors many of the world’s champion horses.
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