Hope every one had a good holiday season and winter break. It is now time to start thinking about getting those horses legged up for the upcoming SECCC racing season. It is right around the corner. We are planning to have our first jackpot March 15th . Then jumping in to the Git R Done Series.
 For those of you not familiar with the Git R Done Series—Shali Lord’s Professional barrel racing sponsor—Larry The Cable Guy—is willing to sponsor 2 awesome Cactus Trophy saddles for us for the 7 week series. The Series will start April 16th. Thank you Shali and Larry!!!!!!!!!!!

• This is how the Git R Done Series will work:

Shali and Larry will be donating 2 saddles for the 7-week Series. Saddles will be given to the 1st and 2nd place high point (horse and rider combination) during the 7-week series to Open Contestants along with Buckles to Division winners. We will also award youth and PeeWee winners with prizes.

• Points will count equally in all divisions: 1st place in each division will receive 10 points, 2nd place =9pts, 3rd place =8pts, 4th place=7pts, 5th place 6pts, and 5 points will be awarded to all contestants in each division that make a “clean run”. A clean run means that a contestant did not have a barrel knocked down or broke the pattern.
• Points can accumulate from one single division or from multiple divisions. For instance the winner may have consistently run in one single division and be the high point winner or a contestant may have run in multiple divisions and accumulated the moist points. Points will be per horse and rider combination.
• Trophy Belt buckles will be awarded to high point winners in each division. Points will be per horse and rider combination.
• Horse and rider combination means that each horse a person runs will have their own set of points. You may enter as many horses you wish.
• Contestants must attend 5 of the 7 Git R Done  races to be eligible to win awards
• Contestants must pay their $20 membership dues to be eligible to win Git R Done awards and Year End awards.
• In case of a tie, tie breakers will be used as follows:
1. Contestant whom attended the most races will win. Example: Shali attended all 7 of the races and Steph only attended 5. Shali would win.
2. If still the same as #1, contestant with higher placing points will win. Example: Steph has 10pts, 5pts, 4pts, 8 pts, 9pts, 10pts,  And Shali has 7pts, 7pts, 7pts, 7pts, 10pts, 8pts,  Steph would win because she has more higher placing points.
3. If the tie still exists, after rule #1 and #2 a coin will be flipped to determine winner.

•  Un-sportsmanlike conduct toward other contestants or animals will not be tolerated!!! You will be asked to leave with no refund of entries paid. 

These tie breaker rules will apply for all Series awards and Year-End awards.

We have made some changes this year to our organization. Instead of only one person handling the sole task of running the jackpots, there will be several of us making sure each barrel race runs smoothly and is a success.

• Membership fees for SECCC will be one time $20 per person. You will need to buy your membership to be eligible for any and all prizes and awards given by SECCC. Your membership will help pay for: mailing newsletters, stamps, paper, awards and prizes ect.. This will also help us keep track of all points for year-end and series awards. Points will only be counted after your membership is paid. Most (possibly all) of our races will be BBR endorsed this season. Points will be given to members for each barrel race entered with a clean run. All SECCC barrel races points will be counted toward year-end awards.

 Year End awards will be awarded at the last race of the year to participants with the most points in each division. Awards will be awarded at least through 3rd place and most likely through 5th place in each division.  Awards include Trophy saddles, buckles, tack, and other great prizes. Past years were saddles, headstalls, buckles, blankets, stirrups, splint boots, bell boots, bits, jackets, spur straps, and other tack and jewelry…too much to mention. So lets make this the best season ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Kara Dorenkamp is willing to make a SECCC website. There you will be able to view race dates and places, view results from jackpots, view points, sponsors, newsletters and much more. All and any information will be able to be accessed through her website for SECCC. Thank you Kara!

 Our team of jackpot producers will consist of Julie Dorenkamp, Shali Lord, Steph Spitz, Tammy Travis, Kathy Ward, Amy Wollert, Karisa Brookshire and Kara Dorenkamp thus far. If you wish to help out in any way please let one of us know. We would greatly appreciate it. 

 So Get Ready to Ride!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We will be looking to see each and every one of you this season.

As soon as all the dates are set. Newsletters will be sent with Start times, Dates, and Arena locations.

SECCC Race Dates:
• March 15th—Sunday—Prowers County Fairgrounds—2pm
• April 5th—Sunday—Prowers County Fairgrounds—2pm
• April 16th—Thursday—Prowers County Fairgrounds—6pm—Git R Done
• April 30th—Thursday—Prowers County Fairgrounds—6pm—Git R Done
• May 7th—Thursday—Prowers County Fairgrounds—6pm—Git R Done
• May 12th—Tuesday—Prowers County Fairgrounds—6pm—Git R Done
• May 21st—Thursday—Prowers County Fairgrounds—6pm—Git R Done
• May 26th—Tuesday—Prowers County Fairgrounds—6pm—Git R Done
• June 4th—Thursday—Prowers County Fairgrounds—6pm—Git R Done—Awards presentation for Git R Done Series following Barrel Race

Click here for race date info.

All Above Race Dates are BBR pending. These dates have been sent in to BBR for Aproval

Other Barrel Races of Interest
• March 20-22nd– BBR Hutchison Ks, $5000.00 Added
• March 29th– BBR, Loveland Co, $200.00 Added
• March 28-29th—Make A Wish BBR, Amarillo Tx
• April 23-26th—BBR Finals, $50,000.00 Added Oklahoma City, Ok
FMI: Karisa Brookshire 719-940-4880, Kathy Ward 719-691-1803, Julie Dorenkamp 719-940-0052, Steph Spitz 719-336-0169, Tammi Travis 719-688-1495, Shali Lord 719-338-7659 or Amy Wollert 719-660-9389



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