Ever wondered what the difference is between starting ranch-raised colts and colts brought up in your own backyard? Or perhaps the difference between starting colts and fillies or young horses of different breeds?

Pat Parelli, along with his team of Parelli Professionals, will explore all these differences and more as they delve into the world of colt starting May 6-8 at Will Rogers Memorial Coliseum in Fort Worth, Texas.

Audience members will watch firsthand as Parelli Colt-Starting Specialists start two separate groups of horses, including a cadre of well-bred ranch raised colts from the legendary Pitchfork Ranch and local “townies,” representing horses that have been raised on small holdings with much more human interaction.

Riding herd and giving guidance from outside the round pen, Parelli will fan the flames of learning as he passes down the wit and wisdom given to him from his mentors Ray Hunt, Tom Dorrance and Ronnie Willis.

If you think colt-starting applies only to young buckaroos who have plenty of guts, brawn and stamina, think again. While the event gives guidance on how to build a natural foundation for success when working with colts, it can teach volumes about developing your abilities with horses at any stage of training.

“Ray Hunt once told me that the early training a colt receives is ‘everything’” Parelli said. “I believe that colt-starting is a microcosm of horsemanship as a whole. Anyone that owns a horse or is a horse enthusiast can learn from and enjoy this event.”

In addition to watching how young horses can be started gently and calmly, attendees will witness colts being ridden and even trailer loaded within only hours.

For more information or to purchase tickets to Colt Starting Naturally 2011, visit parelli.com.


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