Technology is sweeping us into a new era, and the horse world is by no means being left behind.  A first of its kind, is introducing its cutting-edge interactive website that builds an amazing performance history for your horse.  Accessible anywhere, anytime with no downloads and in a secure, password protected environment, the patent pending website delivers a powerful database and analytic tool that will simply rock your world!


Discover the value in every run by using the Logbook to develop a complete and accurate history of all your races.  The program then creates clear, easy-to-understand statistics and graphic illustrations providing detailed Arena History, graphic Analyzer tools and, for the first time in equestrian history, a Performance Resume for your horse.  Set realistic goals and track the path to determine consistency, highlight improvement and isolate problem areas.  These interactive pages also work with the unique medical, farrier and supplement Profiles to provide graphic displays of how all these elements are impacting your performance.


Sign up today, and let the website put the fact behind the feel while creating a state-of-the-art record of your horse’s performance.  Set the goal, track the path and empower your barrel racing dreams.




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