The 2011 field is ripe for the crowning of a new champion. The following CNFR preview features the Great Plains, Southern and Central Plains regional champions. The regional champions from the Southwest, Central Rocky Mountain, Grand Canyon and West Coast regions were introduced in the June issue of the Rodeo Insider. If you missed it, subscribe FREE at

Victoria Netzer

victoria netzer

Victoria Netzer. (photo courtesy Victoria Netzer)

Region: Great Plains
College: Dickinson State University
Year: Freshman
Major/Career Plans: Elementary Education with a minor in Equine Massage. I want to rodeo for a few years after getting my degrees, then start teaching and live a happy life.
Horse: Pasa Gold Doc. I call her “Pasa.” She is a 13-year-old, dark sorrel mare.
Special Characteristics: She is a power house when running barrels, and you have just got to hold on, otherwise she will leave you at the first barrel—or even at the gate! My grandpa bought her and her brother as yearlings, and we broke them, and then didn’t do very much with them. So, later, I started using Pasa as a goat tying horse, but we both ended up being terrible at that event, so I started training her for barrels. As an early graduation present, my grandpa gave her to me, and ever since then, we have been doing great things in the rodeo arena!
Prep for CNFR: I am prepping for the CNFR just like I would any other rodeo. I’m just keeping her in shape, healthy and happy.
CNFR Qualifications: 1
Goals: I want to make it to the short go at the College Finals. She is deadly consistent, so I think we can do it.

Liz Combs

liz combs bogies lil skeeter

Liz Combs. (photo by Keeton Productions)

Region: Southern
College: Sam Houston State University
Year: Junior
Major/Career Plans: Animal Science. I am not completely sure what I want to do after graduation, but maybe just take a year and rodeo.
Horse: Bogies Lil Skeeter, but I call him “Skeeter.” He is an 8-year-old grey gelding.
Special Characteristics: Skeeter has a really smooth style. He loves to run barrels and pretty much does it on his own. I would say he’s pretty automatic.
Prep for CNFR: I’m not doing anything special to prepare for the CNFR. Just exercise as usual.
CNFR Qualifications: 2
Goals: My main goal is to make it to the NFR within the next couple of years, hopefully!

Emily Miller
Region: Central Plains
College: Garden City Community College
Year: Freshman
Major/Career Plans: Dental Hygiene. I want to have a successful career, as well as continue to rodeo and barrel race. Horses and rodeo will always be a part of my life.
Horse: I actually don’t get to take the horse (“Dollar”) that qualified me to the CNFR. I am taking my 5-year-old, Okey Dokey Doyle (“Doyle”), a 15.1 hand, bay gelding. Brannons Party Time is the other horse I’m taking. “Brannon” is a 15-year-old, 15.0 hand sorrel gelding.
Special Characteristics: Doyle is a very free runner, which is the complete opposite of my old horse, Dollar. Doyle is a bit green to the rodeo scene and tends to be high strung, so if I do end up riding him, it’ll only be in the slacks. Brannon was my pole horse in high school. He’s extremely ratey. I carry a bat in each hand to try and get him by the barrels. Brannon is the most laid-back horse I’ve ever rode. He’s an absolute doll, and I know he’ll give me all he’s got every run.
Prep for CNFR: I’m just trying to prepare the two horses I have. It’s never easy riding a different horse than the one that got you there, but I have all the faith in the world in the two I’m able to ride. As long as I do my job, I’m sure they will do theirs.
CNFR Qualifications: 1
Goals: Of course everyone wants to win it, including me! I’m handling my situation as best as I can and hoping my other two horses will come through for me. The GCCC girls team also qualified, so a team victory would be incredible. I’m very fortunate to have my family, friends, teammates and coaches supporting me.


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