Hometown: I live about 100 feet from Jud’s barn (at Jud Little Ranch) in Ardmore, Okla.

Marital Status: Engaged to Kirby Montgomery from Corsicana, Texas. “He’s just enough of a horse guy.”

Favorite TV shows: I don’t know (laughing). I just broke down and bought a TV the other day.

What’s in my iPod: Everything you can imagine from Red Dirt country to classic country to Jimmy Buffet.

What I drive: Dodge Dually.

What I haul: Jud’s trailers.

Favorite movie: Probably Tombstone.

Favorite magazines: Barrel Horse News.

jolene stewart and return of the bullyWorst habit: I guess that I get super impatient—with people, not horses.

Other than working with horses, what job would you like to have/try: None.

First job: Babysitting my little sister.

Talent I’d most like to have: Sing.

Favorite meal: Mexican food.

Favorite saddle: Lazy L.

Favorite bit: Loomis.

Favorite futurity: Kinder, La.

Favorite rodeo: Springdale, Ark., but I haven’t been to as many rodeos.

Heroes: My mom and my dad.

What’s on your bucket list: I would like to go skydiving, and I would like to see the jungle, which I’ll get to do because we’re getting married in Belize; be the number one futurity rider/trainer.

Favorite quality in people/horses: People: Happy people. Horses: Light mouthed.

Least favorite quality in people/horses: People: Laziness. Horses: Laziness.

If you could change anything about the barrel racing industry, what would it be: I wish people wouldn’t complain so much about things.

Bonnie Wheatley is editor of Barrel Horse News. E-mail comments about this article to [email protected]


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