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Question: You were in BRN4D’s Top 20 World Champion Round aboard three horses. Tell me how you qualified.

Answer: The 20 fastest times over the course of three days at the finals were brought back for the World Championships Round. This worked out to be the 20 fastest times overall out of about 900 runs. They mentioned that I was the first to qualify on three horses, as well as the first Canadian to win the BRN4D World Championship Round.

Q: You must have had help running three horses in a field of 20. Who helps you?

A: I was very fortunate to have the help of my boyfriend Kolby, who was switching tack and warming up horses during the round.

Q: Goals in barrel racing?

A: My goal this year is to make the Canadian Finals Rodeo. I will be competing mainly on Bugs at the Canadian Professional Rodeos this year.

Q: Do you have a day job?

A: This past winter I took a few client horses down to Arizona to train. This summer I am working at a small, popular restaurant in Linden where they serve homemade food and pies. It’s a great job because it allows me to have whatever days I need off to rodeo and helps pay my fuel and entry fee expenses. I also ride horses and attend various barrel jackpots throughout the week.

Q: How long have you been barrel racing?

A: I have been barrel racing since I was probably 4 years old. I grew up on a horse.

Q: Tell our readers about the horse you won the round on, Coloursomebugsonme.

A: His sire is Hot Colours and the dam is Nobugsonme, a Bugs Alive In 75 bred mare. He is a 14-year-old sorrel gelding standing somewhere around 15.1 hands. I bought Bugs in 2010, and this will be my third season with him. Chris Coffey originally trained and futuritied Bugs. I don’t know Chris personally, but it’s easy to tell when you ride Bugs that Chris did a great job putting a solid foundation on him. Bugs is a “free runner” with lot’s of speed between the barrels. Sometimes he needs a bit of help on his first barrel to prepare him for the turn. Once I get the first, he is set up for the rest of his run.

Suitor Quarter Horses stands a stud named Ima Little Hottie, which is a three quarters brother to Bugs. I have a foal by this stud out of one of my mares that I am very excited about. They have some other very exceptional bloodlines.

Q: Tell us about your other horses.

A: Swift Machine is a 7-year-old sorrel gelding that was raised by Suitor Quarter Horses. His sire is Plain Special and his dam is Miss Swift Tivio by Swift Darkness. He was trained and futuritied by Rayel Robinson. I now own “Friendly” and this will be my second year competing with him. He is very smooth and fluid in his turns. Most recently, I won the Silver Sage Derby in Brooks, Alberta on him. I will continue to run him at the derby races in Canada this year, as well as some of the pro rodeos. My third horse Wizard is for sale at this time. He will continue to be competed on until sold. He is in great shape and winning money everywhere he goes.

Q: What was one highlight for you from Pasco besides winning the Championship Round?

A: I ran my fastest times with each horse on a regulation pattern at these finals. I couldn’t have been happier with all three horses’ efforts. It was definitely interesting running three horses in the World Championships round. Kolby would be warming up one horse while I was on another and switching tack. Then, he would quickly run in, video me, run back out to grab the horse I just ran and hand me another. I certainly kept him on his toes! I was very grateful to have his help. I also want to thank my family and Suitor Quarter Horses for getting me to where I am today. They are helping me every step of the way to achieve my goals.


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